Epson earns Platinum rating for sustainability from EcoVadis for consecutive year

Seiko Epson Corporation has earned its second successive platinum rating for sustainability from France-based EcoVadis. The platinum rating, which was established in 2020, indicates that Epson was ranked among the top 1% of companies in the industry. Epson had received a gold rating the previous three years. 


The platinum rating was awarded in recognition of Epson’s global sustainability initiatives. In the four themes assessed by EcoVadis, Epson received high scores for the environment, sustainable procurement, labor and human rights, and ethics, putting it in the top 1% of companies in the industry.


Epson Philippines Corporation
Epson earns Platinum rating for sustainability from EcoVadis for consecutive year


Epson Global President Yasunori Ogawa said, “We’ve put solving issues in society, and especially achieving sustainability, at the heart of Epson’s corporate vision and business strategy. It’s a tremendous honor to receive this Platinum rating for the second successive year. In addition to setting ambitious goals to achieve our Environmental Vision of becoming carbon negative and underground resource free by 2050, we are continuing to implement measures to ensure good governance and social responsibility across our supply chain, including acquiring RBA certification at some of our key manufacturing plants. Most of all, however, I believe this Platinum rating communicates that to our customers Epson is a company that can be trusted, is determined to achieve sustainability and will fulfill its responsibility as a good corporate citizen.” 


EcoVadis provides an independent, trusted, common platform for evaluating and rating more than 75,000 groups and companies in the world using sustainability assessment criteria that are based on the sustainability standards of thousands of external sources such as NGOs, labor unions, international organizations, local governments, and auditing organizations. 


Epson Philippines Corporation
Epson earns Platinum rating for sustainability from EcoVadis for consecutive year


Fully focused on solving societal issues, Epson has identified four materialities including “achieving sustainability in a circular economy” and “advancing the frontiers of industry” and is committed to creating products and services that contribute to its goal of achieving sustainability and enriching communities. The company is leveraging its efficient, compact and precision technologies to generate innovations in areas like inkjet printing that minimize environmental impacts and increase productivity. Epson is dedicated to solving societal issues and to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


Epson seeks to achieve social sustainability and publishes details about its environmental initiatives, the creation of social value, corporate governance, and other sustainability activities in its Integrated Report and Sustainability Report. Information is also posted on the Sustainability pages of the corporate website.

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