Eastern Communications unveils ICT Solutions for future-ready Filipinos

Premier telecommunications company Eastern Communications is unveiling its latest products and services in line with its commitment to respond to the increasing demand for reliable connectivity and digital tools as Filipinos move forward in the digital economy. 


The new additions to the telco’s extensive portfolio are Community Wi-Fi, Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT), Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), and Eastern Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)


Eastern Communications
Eastern Communications unveils ICT Solutions for future-ready Filipinos


Making connectivity more accessible nationwide

A strong and reliable Internet connection has become a must in the now normal. To make connectivity accessible all over the country, Eastern Communications is introducing its Community Wi-Fi and VSAT services. 


Community Wi-Fi is Eastern Communications’ Managed Wi-Fi service for barangays or localities, which provides free and user-friendly Internet connection to the residents within their vicinity. The service offers customizable bandwidth options based on the requirements of the locality or establishment and its users. The Community Wi-Fi is sufficient for browsing, online messaging, e-mailing, distance learning, and watching videos.


The telco also aims to address the lack of or limited connectivity services in unserved and underserved areas in the Philippines. For regions in the country where connectivity options are limited, satellite can easily provide high speed and reliable connectivity to any remote location within its coverage. This also addresses both current and future connectivity needs.


Eastern Communications’ VSAT powered by Kacific is designed to quickly connect the most remote and isolated users with light and easily transportable satellite dishes. Kacific, which Eastern Communications recently partnered with, is a satellite operator providing a high-speed broadband Internet service for the Southeast Asia and Pacific Islands regions. 


This communications system’s coverage spans across the country, from Batanes to Tawi-Tawi, and can serve residential and various sectors including but not limited to government, banking, mining, resorts and hotels, construction, SMEs, maritime, logistics, among others. 


“During the pandemic, we have realized the significance of the Internet in our work or business, and it’s time that we make these connectivity services available to more communities for them to thrive in the now normal. With these products, Eastern Communications’ ultimate goal is to provide a reliable connection to every Filipino wherever they are,” shared Eastern Communications Head of Sales Michael Castaneda.


Strengthening business collaboration and security

The abrupt implementation of remote work and digital adoption during the pandemic has also created challenges among businesses when it comes to network and security. Companies have had to contend with complex models and systems to get the security and collaboration tools they need during the now normal.  


To help businesses navigate these issues, Eastern Communications is introducing a more convenient networking technology for businesses in the new normal – an advanced yet flexible all-in-one solution for enterprise connectivity and security called SASE. 


SASE is a secure enterprise networking technology that converges the functions of network and security point solutions into a unified, global cloud-native service, powered by their global partner CATO Network. It provides a single network that connects and secures any enterprise resource – physical, cloud, and mobile – anywhere. 


This business-grade solution unifies all enterprise network resources including branch locations, remote workforce, and even cloud data centers, for more seamless operations in the digital economy. This service is suitable for industries like Banking and Finance, Retail and Manufacturing, Public Sector, Energy and Utilities, Healthcare and Hospitality. 


Eastern Communications is also enhancing its cybersecurity services in response to the growing risk that targets a lot of businesses during the pandemic. As part of helping organizations manage or prevent cyber-attacks, Eastern Communications teams up with Fortinet, a multinational cybersecurity solutions leader, to provide broad, integrated, and automated digital security services.


With Eastern SIEM, businesses can address various cybersecurity concerns through a single automated solution. This service enables advanced threat detection before a breach can occur, comprehensive visibility to monitor and assess risks, and recognize and expose on-going anomalies, and mitigate the cyberattack through automated response actions.


“In this highly digital world, having the right cloud and cybersecurity tools can put businesses at an advantage. This is why Eastern Communications has been striving for technology democratization to equip businesses while in a remote situation and at the same time, ensure that their assets are safe from online threats. That way, businesses can become more future-proof and resilient,” said Eastern Communications Product Innovation Head Edsel Paglinawan.  


As a dedicated business solutions partner, Eastern Communications continuously innovates and explores expanding its products and services, helping customers optimize and leverage digital transformation for a stronger touchdown in the coming months. 


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