Cyberoam launches free network security course for Filipino students

Eyes alliance with universities and colleges for Cyberoam Academy in the Philippines

Cyberoam, a leading global network security company, is inviting universities and colleges in the Philippines to join its free security course under its training arm, the Cyberoam Academy.

The Cyberoam Academy is offering its short network security course called Novice to Professional that will provide high quality cybersecurity training for Filipino students.

With this course, Cyberoam Academy hopes to bridge the existing network security skills demand and supply gap in the Philippines and help prepare Filipino students become industry-ready network security professionals.

A recent IDC report said the country has the largest network security skills gap of 60% in the Asia Pacific region and this supply gap is expected to continue until 2016.

As the first and only industry-academia alliance to help build one-of-its kind network security career program, Cyberoam Academy aims to ensure high student employability and narrow the widening network security skill gap in the Philippines.

“Cyberoam Academy is collaborating with educators in the Philippines with a three-pronged agenda, ensuring industry-ready careers for youth, bridging skills-gap in cyber-security and ensuring availability of globally renowned courseware, certifications and state-of-the-art training labs for educational institutions in Philippines,” said Ajay Nawani, chief of Cyberoam Academy.

The short course with industry-focused curriculum and hands-on training offers students real-world exposure in complex areas like VPN security, malware prevention, application controls, and forensic analysis.

Cyberoam Academy’s Novice to Professional course is open to all education institutions, colleges and universities in the Philippines teaching computer science or computer technology.

College students in their final year with basic computer skills are eligible to join the 56-hour program. The course offers step-by-step learning tools to help students manage enterprise network security challenges.
The short program also grants access to Cyberoam eConnect, an online portal for academy instructors and students that offers a one-stop platform to share learning activities.

Upon course completion, students who have successfully passed the exam will get the Cyberoam Certified Network & Security Professional (CCNSP) certificate.

Cyberoam will also provide trainings for instructors of the partner universities and give assistance for building up a computer lab for the course if needed.

This collaborative initiative aims to provide enterprises, small businesses and government establishments in Philippines with skilled cyber security workforce against the growing menace of cyberattacks and cybercrime.

Having collaborated with leading universities and training institutions across Africa, Middle East, Europe and America, Cyberoam Academy now looks for like-minded academic partners in emerging APAC markets like the Philippines.

“As disruptive technologies like cloud computing, social media and proliferation of mobile devices invade into Philippine’s network infrastructures, businesses are becoming more sophisticated and vulnerable at the same time. This makes interdisciplinary education for network and cyber security essential,” said Nawani.

“Cyberoam Academy is committed to proactively address this challenge, by partnering with educators to encourage higher levels of cyber-security skill development,” he added.

The move will also help ensure that Philippine ICT industry, which is poised to deliver $50 billion worth of revenues by 2016, and employs a huge workforce, has the right skills in network & cyber security to grow and keep the nation safe online.

Colleges and universities interested to be a Cyberoam Academy partner can apply through answering the form published in the academy’s website or through sending an email at

The Academy Manager will respond and call the universities within two working days upon receiving the application. A webinar will also be set to discuss more details about the course.

As a non-profit initiative by Cyberoam, there will be no direct costs incurred to become a Cyberoam Academy.
For more information about the program, please visit

Eyes alliance with universities and colleges for Cyberoam Academy in the Philippines


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