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Learning is a lifelong process, and taking the journey is an important decision, especially for parents and stakeholders of education involved in a learner’s journey. REX, the country’s premiere learning solutions provider, designs Core Learning Materials that enable learners of all ages to not just absorb information, but more importantly, develop the skills necessary to use, adapt, and apply what they learn in real-world contexts and situations.

Guided by the Whole Child framework, REX taps on its years of experience and collaboration with the country’s leading authors and researchers, combining relevant frameworks and methodologies to create learning materials which are intuitively designed to ensure that learners are Safe, Healthy, Engaged, Supported, and Challenged.

The portfolio of printed learning materials designed by REX ranges from Basic Education texts, to specifically-designed texts for various Senior High School tracks, to texts designed for Tertiary Education based on the framework of Outcomes-Based Education (OBE), as well as comprehensive texts, guides, codals, and reviewers designed for Legal Education.

For K-10 Basic Education, REX provides three levels: Kinder, Grades 1-6, and Grades 7-10. These are considered as the foundation of education, the formative years of a young learner’s journey of discovery. As a premiere learning solutions provider, REX creates and delivers an integrated suite of learning and instructional solutions that are designed to accommodate and promote DepEd’s K-12 program, whose implementation has sought to foster holistic learning environments and experiences that would develop Filipino learners with 21st Century skills, with critical thinking and problem-solving at its core.

These values, when instilled and learned through the learning materials, ensure that students become ready for employment opportunities, entrepreneurship, further skills development, and advancement into the Senior High School.

The Senior High School (SHS) program is a new field of implementation that involves a set of adjustments. With the program’s initial opening and full implementation, REX has designed a new suite of learning solutions that are specifically created for SHS learners, guided by new policies and academic standards set by the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education which aims to create a smooth transition from Senior High School to Tertiary.

REX offers learning solutions that accommodate all the needs of an SHS student, in relation to the specialized subjects according to their chosen tracks.

With printed core learning materials published for every SHS track, REX has designed instructional and reference materials that are based on Arthur Eisenkraft’s 7 Es model: every text is created to elicit, engage, explore, explain, elaborate, evaluate, and extend a young learner’s knowledge, process, understanding, communicative capacity, and opportunities for adapting what they have learned in school to day-to-day situations and tasks.

Aside from the printed core learning materials, REX also provides educator enablement programs such as the Teacher Certificate Program, Instructor’s Kit, and Teacher’s Resource Materials (TRM), which are all designed to immerse and engage educators with relevant concepts, procedures, materials, and competencies that will help form a holistic learning environment for SHS learners.

For Tertiary Education, REX adapts and prepares learners for an increasingly complex and competitive world by exposing them to learning materials that are designed according to the Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) framework, which was implemented by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) back in 2012.

The OBE framework encourages educators to instill the notion of gradual and continuous development for each learner’s unique skills, instead of grading them according to performance and metrics. In this method, Philippine higher education institutions can apply OBE’s four primary principles: clarity and significance, expanded opportunities for success, quality performance, and a top-down approach to outlining results.

REX’s suite of core learning materials for legal education are designed with its mission in mind: “Tayong Lahat, Kapit-Bisig, Para Sa Bata, Para Sa Bayan.” From subject-specific and comprehensive textbooks to supplementary codals, bar reviewers, legal dictionaries, and guidebooks to current legal issues and practical contexts, REX has helped pave the way and educate future lawyers and at the same time enable law practitioners and professionals to perform with honesty, integrity, and respect for the rule of law.

By guiding students of the law not just about the letter of the law, but more so about the spirit that guides how it is practiced to achieve a more equal, humane, and just society, REX hopes to help guide the nation to a better future.

More than just textbooks and other core learning materials, REX’s educational solutions for a rapidly changing world open opportunities for life learning that help build confidence and certainty for its learners. What ignites a young learner’s mind is not just the ideas that spark excitement for new things, but also the many moments that they connect with other people, from social-emotional development to a deeper understanding of how things relate to each other.

This is why REX remains at the forefront of developing core learning materials, because it understands the need to close the gaps and address the multifaceted needs of a new generation of learners, creating memorable learning experiences today that prepare the Whole Child for a better future.


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