Celebrate Earth Day with Messy Bessy and Shopee!

Earth Day is approaching and there is no other way to celebrate that with Earth Eco friendly products from Messy Bessy now available in Shopee!


Earth Day is celebrated from April 20 to 22, where Earth Eco friendly activities are celebrated by different groups, non-religious, non-sectarian organizations come together in this culminating affair. Vegans provide vegetarian foods, some do a fun run marathon and have seminars on how to save the planet.


Now, times have changed. Earth Eco friendly outdoor events are not possible. So one way to celebrate that is to honor the day by using all natural, organic, non-chemical, non-harmful components like Messy Bessy.


Messy Bessy cleaners inc. comes organic non-chemical based products that are not harmful to the environment such as the Minty Orange surface cleaner, The Big Little Warrior sanitizer green tea, Fruit & Veggie sanitizing wash, hand & body wash bamboo fresh, and hand cream bamboo fresh.


Messy Bessy now in Shopee
Celebrate Earth Day with Messy Bessy and Shopee!


The great thing about all of these products is that they are available in Shopee. Avail of them now and get special discounts. Just visit Messy Bessy Cleaners Inc. shopee mall page and find out their offers when you avail their products.


If you haven’t downloaded the Shopee app yet, go visit the Google Play Store for android, and the Apple Store to download the app for FREE! Get to win perks and coins everytime you use ShopeePay.


Stay safe and healthy by staying at home and order all your needs online via the Shopee app and pay online for non-contact transactions for convenience and safety.


Happy Earth Day and we a wise Shopee Shopper!



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