BOLT28 Communications ESports games sim racing in Clark

Tricia Canilao and Laurence Mossman game changers

A newly established Regional Sports Marketing Agency was launched recently with its founding Partners Tricia Canilao and Laurence Mossman that focuses on indoor gaming. BOLT28 Communications launches with egames sim racing in Clark happening on April 22 to 26.


Tricia Canilao founding partner of Bolt28
Bolt28 game changer for esports games in the Philippines

Tricia Canilao, a businesswoman and mother of 3 lovely kids, is well-known in the Music Industry as she played in theater in the international market as such as in “Miss Saigon” in the lead roles of Kim, Gigi, and Ellen and “Les Miserables” which saw her cast as Cosette.

Bolt28 Sim Racing
Tricia Canilao and Laurence Mossman founding members of Bolt28

As 2 of 3 of her kids are boys who love sports, Raggy and Rocco, one of the duties she devotes to her kids is bringing them to the soccer field and golf driving range on school days and even on weekends for practice.

BOLT28 was born rooted in its partners’ understanding of how technology now plays a huge role in sports. Through the marriage of sports and technology, BOLT28 aims to ensure the growth of traditional and non-traditional sports, reaching both local and regional audiences. Bolt28 is here to support athletes, not by merely doing events, but by developing strong grassroots programs and competitions.

Who is behind Bolt28?

Tricia Canilao and Laurence Mossman are the creators behind the company. A company that aims to “BE A GAMECHANGER” — they both went against the norm when most people thought a career outside of the Philippines would be more lucrative. Both chose the path of moving back to the Philippines and both saw the bigger possibilities and opportunities the country can provide!

Bolt28 emerges in esports games
Laurence Mossman, one of the founding partners of Bolt28

With the launch of the company, comes their first offering in the world of E-Sports : BOLT28 SIM RACING. One of the fastest-growing industries in the world, e-sports has grown from being just an entertainment source to becoming a lucrative business and a massive worldwide community that is rapidly evolving through technology and online communication. As long as technology and digital platforms continue to progress, so too will the e-sports industry; and BOLT28 intends on innovating this area with the help of the private sector and the community.

Bolt 28 James Deakin
James Deakin is the brand ambassador of Bolt28

eGG, a regional television network, and an online streaming platform, is a proud partner of Bolt28 and will help  to enable us to reach a wider community. James Deakin, is also the official Brand Ambassador for BOLT28. As a champion for the Filipino people, we aim to work with James to advance his cause and in turn introduce a whole new generation to the automotive industry through technology and e-sports.

BOLT28 has its vision of working with Filipinos to show the rest of Asia that we can go head to head with any other international market! At the same time, BOLT28 provides the gateway for international companies to reach their target markets in the Philippines. Question is… “Are you ready to be a GAMECHANGER?”


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