Bernard Chong of Bren Esports donates to PGH fire victims

Shortly after midnight of May 16, fire broke out at the Philippine General Hospital that lasted for more than 5 hours. Fire out was announced almost 6am today. In the middle of the fire, new born babies were transferred to the PGH Chapel to keep them away from the dangerous fire. It’s good to know that none of the babies were harmed during the fire. That quick action to move them was a good move.


After seeing this and call to action as the first responders Bea Alonzo, Rina Navarro and Vina Morales sending love to PGH fire victims today, with milk, snacks, juices, electric fans, another donation by Bren Esports founding owner Bernard Chong sending hundreds of bottles of mineral water today.


Bren Esports Bernard Chong
Bernard Chong of Bren Esports donates to PGH fire victims


One by one, generous people with big hearts heed the call of the Philippine General Hospital’s need for support for any donations, in cash or kind.  Dr TJ Ablaza, resident doctor for the pedia ward, received the donation.


Generous donation from Bernard Chong of Bren Esports
Bernard Chong of Bren Esports donates to PGH fire victims


Philippine General Hospital’s call for donations is a humble cry that shows humility in time of crisis and the urgent need for response. The quick action of individuals or group of people whether in the private or public sector, either personally or as a company, is an admirable act of kindness and love similar to the bayanihan, a trait inherent to us Filipinos where each and everyone helps out in their own way. PGH is grateful for any help. Please see attached information above as to how and where you can send them


Bernard Chong of Bren Esports
Generous donation from Bernard Chong of Bren Esports


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