Bikers nationwide hit Gordon and Sotto for anti-biker law

Last Sunday, March 23, 2019, hundreds of thousands of riders in Metro Manila, swarmed the long stretch of EDSA from the People’s Monument down to Harbor Square, where all groups of bikers nationwide joined in alliance with ANGKAS, with their UNITY RIDE vs DOUBLE PLATE LAW.

In protest to Senators Dick Gordon and Senate Majority leader Vicente Sotto III, who passed the bill Republic Act 11235 or the MOTORCYCLE CRIME PREVENTION ACT of 2017, whom both of them authored, and was signed into lay by President Rodrigo Duterte last week.

ANGKAS joins UNITY RIDE vs Doule Plate Law

In this law, LTO mandates the LTO or Land Transportation Office to issue bigger reflectorized license plates which must be placed both in front and the back parts of the motorcycle, and must be readable and big enough to be seen 12 to 15 meters away.

This is what the motorcycle riders cited that will create safety issues. As explained by the different representatives of various motorcycle groups in Metro Manila and nearby provinces, that not all motorcycles are designed and built the same, some have very small facefront, and would not be able to place a big license plate in front as this might cover the headlights.

One thing more, the motorcycles weren’t designed to handle big brackets and fabricating them will also cause threat to the riders and nearby motorists since the bigger plates there are, the greater chances of being hit by a metal projectile when this plates are disassembled from the body due to intense vibration and strong winds.

The leaders also pointed out that the motorcycle is the most convenient and most affordable means for transportation to and from work, and is also one of the sources of income, most especially to those who are servicing hailing riders using ANGKAS, and other means of delivery service that are available today.

They also pointed out that the stiff penalties are inhuman, and impractical for any rider who will be caught in violating a no plate when flagged down by the authorities. The amount of the penalty is pegged at P50,000 or imprisonment.

“We are not criminals, we are hardworking individuals who work hard to provide food on the table for our family”, and the stiff penalty is too much for an average earner person can afford to pay, and thus may also lead to corruption by the law enforcers, in a united voice they say.

They call unto the President Rodrigo Duterte, whom they say is also a biker. They are caught hanging on how the President was able to sign this without a proper forum with the riders.

In this light, what do you think is the right way to capture and eliminate criminality that will not impede the motoring public to suffer such penalties and face possible threat of danger with the DOUBLE PLATE LAW?

The riders are hopeful that there will be a VETO by the President otherwise, they will have to fight for their rights with the voice of the people and all the members of the riders.


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