Affordable WiFi Mesh from Globe

WiFi has become as basic in many homes as water and electricity. From Lola to bunso, the whole family enjoys being online for different reasons. Whether it’s to post photos on Facebook, book family travel tickets or do some serious research for a term paper, WiFi has become more of a need than a want.

However, 76% of households still struggle with their WiFi speed, while 61% expect their service provider to ensure connectivity in all areas of their home. WiFi connectivity though is heavily dependent on the reach of routers. To maximize WiFi all around the house and address the most common connectivity concern of Filipino households, Globe At Home introduces the WiFi Mesh!

With WiFi Mesh, customers can maximize their connection and not have to worry about being too far from their router. The device boosts the WiFi signal in each room it is in, so that a user can walk around the house and experience no loss of speed.

Both devices are available to new and existing customers charged to bill at P150/month for 24 months added on to the Globe At Home plan or cash on delivery at P3,600.

Globe also pushes its #PlayItRight advoorms only.

For more information on the WiFi Mesh devices, visit the website at or call the Globe hotline at 730-1010.