Game! Just Roll It!

Just roll the dice man!

There is no more talking, just download the installer and start playing the game designed for the gaming Pinoy! Just roll it!

But before you proceed, here are some hardware and software requirements which I am sure your PC is already qualified. Nonetheless, I decided to list them down so that before you play the game, you are sure that your PC is compliant and will have no problem when you get hooked to the game.

You will need a  PC with Windows XP at least and has this basic specs — dual Core with 2.6Ghz, at least 512MB RAM, a video cardwith 256 M RAM, Direct X version 7.0.

You next step is to download the game. Make sure to download it in the official site; we don’t like to download anything that might be malware-infected, ok?

You download it here: Just Roll It.


Just Roll It is a board game. It can be downloaded for free online and that the board game can be played by you and your friends in a classic monopoly game that offers new twists and loaded with exciting features.

Opponents take turns in buying properties while having the opportunity to visit the most popular places around the world.

Are you ready to be rich? Just Roll It! Here’s how you do it.

Form a group of four (4) players for all individuals game, or as a team of  2 in a team battle. Start to travel to the world to purchase properties and build your own real estate empire! Manage your monopoly of the real estate market to collect rent from your opponents who land in your own properties and make them bankrupt so that you win the game.

Now if you think that this is a traditional board game, you are wrong. In Just Roll It, you can have special powers to help you shape dice rolls giving you special opportunity. This ability can further grow by building up your character’s level, equipping lucky charms and special dice.

Did you know you can win Daily Cash, join Weekly and Monthly Raffle?

There is a limited offer which you can live like a high roller online and make lots of money by just playing JustRoll It. Rollers can win in the Daily Cash Prize, Weekly Raffle, and if you are the lucky guy that you are, you can win in the Monthly Raffle!

Take home P1,000 daily from the monthly prize pool of P62,000 and monthly raffle over three months to win part of the total price pool of one million pesos.

The online craze is now ready and waiting for you to play!

Before you proceed, it is encouraged that you watch this Youtube clip:

Now, if you need further support, learn new tricks, discuss the game with other gamers, Just Roll It provided a one-on-one support, you can access it here —

You can also check out Just Roll It on Facebook for more details. Their FB page is this —

You can also refer to Tech Patrol News‘ blog post on how to play it.


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