5 Lucky Colors for 2022

Invite the positive vibes of feng shui into your life this 2022 with these five lucky colors.

Colors symbolize many aspects of human life. For example, 2022’s color of the year is Very Peri, a periwinkle purple hue with reddish tints. The color symbolizes a person’s pursuit of personal inventiveness and creativity. Incorporating Very Peri into your fashion, home decor, and daily life might also attract good energy into your home, career, and personal growth.


Very Peri might be the color of the year, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit your color choices to invite good fortune and positive energy into your life. Other colors may enhance your confidence, boost your mood, and help you heal this year.


That said, here are five lucky colors for 2022:


According to feng shui principles, 2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger. First on this list is blue, the default color for flowing water. With blue symbolizing water, use blue-colored pieces and home decor items to attract wealth and prosperity. Blue shades such as cerulean, aquamarine, and ultramarine are also suitable for your wardrobe and home decor items. 


Since blue brings a flow of wealth into households and businesses, people may take advantage of this lucky color in their investment choices. For example, people interested in an apartment for sale in Cebu may use blue accents and charms to attract luck and wealth. With Cebu City being one of the most sought-after locations for residential properties, using blue elements may manifest a fruitful real estate investment for future buyers.


The fiery and passionate properties of red tones also bring forth positive energy. Colors with red hues such as orange, pink, and scarlet are excellent for attracting love, momentum, and passion. However, take caution in using reds in your home as it also symbolizes fire. When misused, you might attract bad luck and destruction instead. Use the bagua, a wooden protective amulet, to guide you on where to place fire elements correctly inside your home.


Red elements are also excellent as accents for any home interior. A Davao condo for sale can have neutral interiors that perfectly complement red-colored statement pieces, such as frames, small paintings, and sconce lamps.


White usually symbolizes purity and innocence. However, it can also mean wealth, talent, and intelligence, given the color’s association with metal, one of the five elements in feng shui. Pairing white with Very Peri may enhance your creativity and critical thinking skills. You’ll need these talents for your career and everyday life.


In addition, white’s neutrality also makes furnishing and decorating your home much easier. In the case of a condo in Iloilo, the white walls and ceilings are perfect for adding other lucky-colored items.


Yellow is another color related to metal. While 2021’s Year of the Metal Ox has passed, yellow is still a lucky color for 2022 as it brings wealth, power, and healthy friendships. Yellow is also deemed as the lucky color for manifesting luck in real estate investment. In this case, adding gold-plated items in your home or wearing gold or yellow jewelry may bring you good fortune in your next real estate purchase.


Yellow also relates to the earth element. Together, they bring stability, and you’ll be more grounded and think more realistically in certain situations. These properties of yellow are also helpful in getting people to your side. You might just need the right friends and partners in your career or business pursuits.


Green represents fertility, balance, growth, and healing in Chinese culture. It corresponds to the wood element, which is why green shades, such as mint, jade, and emerald, are suitable for healing your soul and seeking zen and wellness.


Green also represents recognition and power. Indoor plants are suitable pieces to bring these positive aspects into your career progression. For example, adding a potted plant to your home office can help manifest good vibes and bring you luck or peace.


These five colors might be lucky charms for 2022. Incorporate these colors into your life to enhance the chances of bringing good fortune to your home, career, and well-being. However, it is crucial to work hard and practice good morals to achieve abundance, wellness, and balance for the rest of the year. 









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