Wacom Unveils its Most Creative Digital Product Line in the Philippines

Wacom Co., Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of pen tablets, interactive pen displays and digital interface solutions, recently launched four pioneering products which the company believes will revolutionize the local consumer and professional graphic tablet market.

The latest Wacom products introduced to the Philippine market include the consumer range of styli namely, Intuos Creative Stylus 2, Bamboo Fineline, Classic Bamboo Solo and Bamboo Duo.

The latest product lineup shows a move towards consumer-focused products with the enhanced range of consumer styli. The release of these products in Southeast Asia shows the strength of the market in this region and Wacom’s knowledge of how consumers engage across the differing platforms of digital media.

Cecilia Woon, Senior Marketing Manager for Wacom said, “Throughout Southeast Asia, deep changes are happening with respect to how consumers interact with various digital media. These changes are brought about by rapid technology development. From high speed internet access and 4G, to smart phones and tablets, it is easier now for one to gain access to the connected digital world than ever before.”

Woon continued, “For many consumers, digital media is now ingrained in their everyday lives. Inter-connectivity between smart devices coupled with cloud technologies have paved the way in providing on-the-go access of digital media and information.”

When asked about the Philippines, Woon commented, “Broadband access and speed challenges notwithstanding, I believe the Philippines is one of the top users of social media in the region because Filipinos are naturally drawn to the digital world. They are naturally sociable and expressive. I think the steady increase in adoption of digital technologies here shows that the Filipinos inherently look for devices that can help them to continuously connect and share.

Showing a deep understanding of the market, Wacom have designed products that meet every need and desire of the end user. The Intuos caters to creative designers, professionals in the media and entertainment industry, photographers and digital imagery experts.

Building on the success of its predecessor, Wacom’s new Intuos Creative Stylus 2 comes with a fine solid tip for increased visibility and intricate detail for sketching, drawing and painting on an iPad. A premium on-the-go for creative professionals such as artists and designers, it now also offers USB charging options, a flared front to support a variety of holding styles and side-switch for ease of use.

The Bamboo Fineline Stylus aims to connect consumers who are keen to stand out from the crowd and express their lifestyles creatively. Offering everyday tools with a difference, the Bamboo range takes natural movements such as writing and makes them digital.

Crafted with care from high quality materials, the Bamboo Fineline Stylus is touted by the company as a smart stylus for the iPad. With a new ‘thin tip’ technology, it makes navigating, writing, sketching and sharing on an iPad totally effortless. Encouraging creative expression and inspiring ideas when working digitally, the Bamboo Fineline Stylus’ features also include pressure sensitivity and palm rejection for increased precision and a more fluid action.

Undisputedly, a pen is the most natural tool for human beings to express thoughts and ideas. Based on a 30-year legacy of inventing, developing and manufacturing digital pen devices, Wacom presents its 3rd generation Bamboo Stylus Solo (for capacitive devices) and Bamboo Stylus Duo as a combination with a traditional ball pen for use on capacitive devices and all sorts of paper.

Both products carry a new, carbon-coated rubber tip that makes sure of a very smooth and near-natural feel while writing, sketching or navigating directly on the screen. It is introduced in six, fresh colors such as silver and grey for traditionalists and shiny blue, bright green, sunny orange and girlish pink for the fashionistas.

Pricing and availability

The Intuos Creative Stylus 2 is at P4,250, Bamboo Fineline Stylus is P3,250, Classic Bamboo Solo is P996 and Bamboo Duo is P1,495.

These products from Wacom will be available in October at http://www.wacom.com/en/ap/ and www.facebook.com/wacomsea.


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