Unboxing the Ekotek Ekophone Rogue 3

Ekotek released a new line of products with their ekophones (phones), and ekotabs (tablets) and also new gadgets.

The Rogue 3 has been redefined. It comes in black, while the predecessor game in white. Ekotek has used recyclable material eco-friendly like the box in this packaging. One thing that is never missing in the box is their Customer service slogan “We’re here to help”, that comes in every unit.

The Rogue 3 is made a different material, it has a glossy finish and sturdier plastic cover. It has smoother edges and rounded on the corners. At first glance, it looks impressively stylish in black!

Unboxing the Ekotek Ekophone Rogue 3

It has a 4-inch display that supports 800×480 resolution, comes with a dualcore Intel Sofia Atom X3 1Ghz, built-in OS Android 4.4 Kitkat. It operates on GSM bands 850/900/1800/1900Mhz and WCDMA 2100Mhz. There are 2 cameras. The front camera is 3MP while the back camera is 2MP. There are 2 sim slots that supports 2G and 3G. The phone has a 512MB ROM and 4GB memory space for your files. But don’t worry, it has an expandable sd card slot that supports upto 64GB. Installed also is bluetooth 4.0 and wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n wifi and gps. It has a G-sensor, flashlight and a removable battery 3.7v 1350mah.

One thing more, you can avail this phone at a very low cost with Ekotek’s sweet holidaze for a sweet prize of P2699 only.

Ekotek Ekophone Rogue 3 Christmas Promo at P2,699
Ekotek Ekophone Rogue 3 Christmas Promo at P2,699



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