How volleyball phenom Alyssa Valdez keeps her VIBE ON

Alyssa Valdez, also known as “The Phenom of Philippine Volleyball” has won it all – Team Championships, UAAP Season 76’s Best Scorer, Best Server, Season MVP and Finals MVP awards plus the hearts of thousands of fans.

Behind her success

Alyssa discovered her love for volleyball at a young age, crediting her brothers for influencing her to pursue the sport. “I have tried a lot of sports but it is with volleyball that I really found myself in,” she shared.

As an athlete, she trains rigorously every day to stay on top of her game. But she is more than just that. Alyssa is also a student currently pursuing graduate studies in Ateneo de Manila and an endorser to a slew of major brands. She’s also a friend and a daughter.

Juggling her athletic career and her studies while maintaining her relationships is not easy, Alyssa admits. But she strives on to find a balance. “It’s important that I set my priorities to make sure that no matter how busy I get, I still have time for the other things that are also important to me.”

She adds, “I always challenge myself to not only be consistent but to push myself to be better. Of course there are challenges I encounter along the way. But my passion and commitment drives me to keep moving forward, to be the best version of myself.”


Lenovo Vibe Ambassador Alyssa Valdez
Lenovo Vibe On Ambassador Alyssa Valdez

A brand that VIBES ON

Her attitude is very much in line with Lenovo’s new and vibrant campaign – VIBE ON, an extension of the brand’s overarching proposition that life rewards those that never stand still.  The Lenovo VIBE ON promise aims to empower individuals, particularly millennials to go their own way by providing smartphones with the latest technology and features that they care about, at a price they wouldn’t expect.

“Alyssa Valdez perfectly embodies the VIBE ON campaign. She’s successful in her chosen field and she’s an inspiration to millennials of today. We’re proud to have her as one of our VIBE ON ambassadors,” Dino Romano, Country Manager for Lenovo Smartphones, Philippines.

Vibe P1: The Perfect Gadget

For someone like Alyssa who is always on the go, the Lenovo VIBE P1 matches her lifestyle well. With its impressive 5000mAh battery, users can be sure that it will last them through the day with the ability to charge other phones in need of a battery boost anytime. It also comes equipped with a 24W quick charge function that allows for rapid smartphone battery charging.

“Because I’m always on the move, I need a smartphone that will allow me to stay productive and connected the whole day. The Lenovo VIBE P1 is perfect for me. I love its long-lasting battery life, which allows me to watch movies, listen to music and check my social media accounts without worrying that I would run out of battery. ”

Power to Spike On

Alyssa’s attitude and determination makes her an exceptional role model to the youth. Despite challenges and failures, she continues to spike on through life. When asked to share her advice on how to succeed even at a young age, Alyssa said, “Anyone can be successful in his or her chosen field when you put your heart into it.  Success for me is 90% passion and 10% hard work. ”


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