TIMDESAL specialty sandwiches for breakfast

TIMDESAL is the pan de sal for every filipino

Creating a special breakfast treat for Filipinos, Tim Hortons launches TIMDESAL specialty sandwiches. A wonderful delight for every filipino who grew up buying bread, or pan de sal early in

What’s for breakfast?

Common to every filipino, pan de sal is cooked every mid-morning from your local bakery in the neighborhood paired with a slice of cheese, or any meat to compliment to the rich filipino bread.

Available from June 11 to June 30, 2019

Since more and more people leave for work early to avoid the morning rush, this customary pan de sal that has been a filipino breakfast will be made available at the nearest Tim Hortons store starting June 11 until the end of the month.

What’s inside the TIMDESAL?

A hearty portion of Smokey Bacon with cheese and garlic aioli served hot and fresh with chipotle sauce in a panini-pressed pandesal.

How much is the TIMDESAL?

The TIMDESAL cooked and served hot and fresh every morning is priced at P75. There is a combo that comes with wedges (potato cuts) and the signature Tim Hortons iced tea. The iced tea comes with a different twist, it is thick and bitter leafy taste rather than the usual light and sweet drink.

The chipotle sauce gives you that different kick. Instead of having that thick creamy mayo dressing, the chipotle sauce lets your mouth linger to a more filipino taste that comes with a right portion of that flavory smokey bacon. The panini pan de sal bread pressed into a hot plate tricks your nose to a bakery oven smell and makes you remember how breakfast is really made in the filipino setting.

The TIMDESAL i believe is only made available in the Philippines and not available elsewhere. So head on the TIM HORTONS and get that TIMDESAL pan de sal treat for breakfast!

TIMDESAL is the pan de sal for every filipino!


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