Thomson Reuters Mental Health Day Off as company holiday

Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading provider of news and information-based tools to professionals, has instituted Mental Health Day Off for all of its employees worldwide who are eligible for company holidays. This year, the company will mark its first Mental Health Day Off on October 9, coinciding with World Mental Health Day.


In a letter to Thomson Reuters employees, CEO Steve Hasker wrote, “We made this decision recognizing that we continue to navigate a global pandemic and witness the civil unrest in many countries that is tied to the ramifications of systemic racism in society. This Mental Health Day Off will become a permanent company holiday, extending beyond 2020 and taking place on or around World Mental Health Day each year. It is the beginning of a broader effort to embed wellbeing in our workplace culture, which you will see and experience in the months and years to come.”


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Thomson Reuters Mental Health Day Off as company holiday


Tes Veloso, Senior Director for Global Vendor Strategy and Operations and Manila Site Lead, stated, “Thomson Reuters’ commitment to a Mental Health Day Off extends beyond the pandemic; this recognizes the importance of mental health and one of the ways our company is choosing to support our employees’ mental health and wellbeing.”


Thomson Reuters Manila employees received the news warmly. Quality Analyst Maria Cecilia Tidon shared, “With this global pandemic and the constant worries present on everyone’s minds nowadays, learning that Thomson Reuters instituted a Mental Health Day Off starting this year was equally pleasant and comforting. I have been with the company for five years now and like what I always say, it’s such a blessing to work in an environment that cultivates and promotes a healthy work-life balance, and Thomson Reuters proved that once again with this generous Mental Health Day Off moving forward.”


For Associate Content Technical Specialist Nea Baldevarona, Mental Health Day Off is another way that Thomson Reuters ensures the safety of its employees. “Aside from being physically safe and healthy in this time of pandemic, one of the things people should also give importance to is our Mental Health. Taking a break from everything that overwhelms us is always a valid reason. Thus, upon knowing that TR instituted a mental health day-off for its employees starting this year did not just make me feel safe and assured but it also made me even prouder to be working under a company that advocates for mental health and supports the overall health of its employees,” she shared.  


Thomson Reuters Manila employees are already sharing how they will spend Mental Health Day Off, including catching up on sleep, meeting up with friends while observing physical distancing, spending an extended weekend with family, taking time off from social media, devoting more time for workouts, going out on long drives, and cleaning up their spaces.  


Institutionalizing Mental Health Day Off as a company holiday is just one of the many ways in which Thomson Reuters is looking after the mental health and wellbeing of its employees. Thomson Reuters employees also have access to resources such as the Employee Assistance Program, which offers confidential support services that can help the employee and his/her dependents solve a wide range of problems and challenges, whether mental, emotional, physical, or financial, at no cost to the employee.


“Even before Thomson Reuters instituted a Mental Health Day Off, the company has been running information campaigns, programs, and events on wellbeing. Mental health was treated more openly and more frequently during the pandemic,” explained Gene Ona, Human Resources Lead at Thomson Reuters Manila. 


Thomson Reuters employees also have access to Headspace, a science-backed mindfulness and meditation app. 


Human Resources Advisor Katrina Morota starts her day with a guided meditation from Headspace, which she says helps a lot. “There are a multitude of resources within the app, especially the guided meditations for anxiety, burnout, and physical pain,” she enthused.


Meanwhile, Customer Service Manager Anierhoyce Ramos explained, “Part of my ritual after waking up is to check my schedule for the day. Headspace’s daily reminder pops up at exactly that time. The daily reminders make me more intentional about my day.”


Mental Health Day Off and all the available tools for Thomson Reuters employees underscore the culture of trust and care in the company.


“Mental Health Day Off supports Thomson Reuters’ culture. While we trust our teams to perform, we also make sure that we giv


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