These challenging times lets you learn to be practical and smart, financial tips for everyone

Over a year now, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected so many lives. From the usual 8am to 5pm job, daily commute to and from work, face to face meetings, now it has altered us and so many people as to have we interact with others and also biggest challenge is how to survive the ordeals like how to earn money, how much to spend, how to stay afloat and survive.


Some companies forced to close. If not, no work no pay especially for those who get paid on a hourly or daily rate like for example if you work in a mall and due to the pandemic, malls had to be closed for several months. Or you if you work in a restaurant or theater, where people are not allowed to meet.
These challenging times lets you learn to be practical and smart, financial tips for everyone


You get a chance to earn a living online, do something different. Then you recall all the financial obligations you need to undertake, how much should you spend for food, clothing, shelter and others. You have your house loan, car loan, bank loan, payments for credit card, and of course, you need to keep something for savings and you really need to create a working family budget this time.


You need to maintain a good credit score. This is vital for you. In order to have a healthy financial credit, you have to take care your personal financial identity. Scary, weird but it’s true. At the end of the day, you need tools online that can give you peace of mind like FREE financial calculators that can be of big help.


It’s really nice to have online tools since everybody already have smartphones at the palm of their hands. is a big substitute for your google sheets where you need to customize rows and columns and create formulas. Don’t confuse yourself as there is already one that instantly gives you the answer to your problem.



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