Smart Communications leader in 5G now has over 2,000 cellsites nationwide

Leading mobile services provider Smart Communications, Inc’s (Smart) expanded 5G network now has over 2,000 sites nationwide, supporting Filipinos who are increasingly reliant on mobile data to stay connected while on-the-go.


For Glenn Ong, Smart Communications first 5G subscriber, the 5G connectivity he has been enjoying since July reminds him of connection speeds from other countries. “The 5G speeds I have been experiencing so far remind me of the speeds I only used to experience abroad. Now, I experience those speeds here,” said Ong, who travels every day from Pasig City to Pasay City for work. He said he uses his 5G to connect to Waze while driving, keep in touch via messaging apps, and play mobile games.

Smart Communications 5G network

Smart Communications leader in 5G now has over 2,000 cellsites nationwide”I live on mobile data whenever I am out,” says photographer Jason Magbanua, a longtime Smart subscriber who has been on Smart 5G since last year. “I usually need mobile data for listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos, and browsing. I also regularly download huge files like high-res music and video files to submit to my clients,” he added.


Mobile data also helps Magbanua keep up with his passion for basketball wherever he is:  “Wherever I am in the morning, I use my NBA league pass to stream the games,” he said.


Nationwidest network with widest array of 5G devices

The continuous expansion of Smart’s 5G network is alongside the company’s efforts to widen its array of Smart 5G-certified devices to make 5G easier to access and enjoy.


Recently, it launched Rocket WiFi, the country’s first and fastest 5G Pocket WiFi. With the first 5G Pocket Wifi, Smart is enabling 5G speeds on other devices for as long as they have a Wi-Fi connection. Specially designed for sharing and multitasking, Rocket WiFi can connect up to 15 WiFi-capable smartphones, tablets, or laptops, making it simpler and easier for more users to experience the lightning speeds of Smart 5G on a wide range of devices.


Powered by Smart 5G’s superfast speeds and ultra-low latency, Rocket WiFi enables subscribers to enjoy next-level digital experiences at home or on the go – from streaming HD videos seamlessly, playing action-packed mobile games without lag, making crystal-clear video calls without buffering, and uploading and downloading heavy files in an instant. Rocket WiFi also enables users to enjoy all-day connectivity with its heavy-duty 5,000mAh battery.


Smart Communications 5G network complements Smart’s continuous expansion of its 4G/LTE network. Smart Communications mobile network, which covers 96% of the population from Batanes to Sulu, is already the Smart Communications is the fastest in the country, as reported by third-party mobile internet analytics firms Ookla and Opensignal.


This level of performance is enabled by PLDT’s fiber infrastructure, the country’s most extensive at 429,000 kilometers.


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