Sanofi Provides Access to Medical Care and Essential Health through WeHealth

More than 200 days have passed and the pandemic has caused great alarm and fear for everyone’s health as Hospitals have been overwhelmed by the number of patients coming in everyday. No one was ready for this pandemic, but covid-19 has greatly affected how people move around since transportation has been paralyzed. The infection rate has caused public transport such as the MRT and LRT to shut down. Companies shutdown to prevent the spread of the virus.


Sanofi WeHealth
Sanofi Provides Access to Medical Care and Essential Health through WeHealth


Who are the most affected individuals?

 People who need urgent attention such as meeting an accident or injury, or sudden medical threat such as heart attack, stroke, pregnant and giving birth, patients who need procedures such as chemo, dialysis and the like. 


The pandemic has also caused unhealthy living as movement is limited to residence or within the area, gyms and recreation have been closed down as well.


In my personal experience, the boredom of being confined to quarters and no activity outside the home, On the second month after the lockdown on March 13, I had difficulty breathing and moving due to the extreme heat caused by the summer and also unhealthy eating since going to the public market was higher risk of contamination.


I had to be resourceful in getting medical attention soon. I had to rely on telemedicine for the meantime since the swelling of my joints didn’t allow me to go anywhere.


Finally, I was able to get an online interview by Doctors and was able to initially diagnose the situation as gouty arthritis. In this case, the doctor had to send me a prescription as well so I could get the medicine I needed from the pharmacy. The doctor has advised me to get a lab test.

Thank God we have Sanofi WeHealth. An e-health ecosystem where all the health providers are partners and aligned to provide utmost care at best response time possible.



Sanofi, as a healthcare institution with a solid background and track record related to Diabetes care is in a good position to  continue to be a loud voice in advocating programs to improve the state of Diabetes in the Philippines through its PANATA campaign.

Diabetes is one of the top killer diseases in the Philippines. Majority of Filipino families are crippled by this dreaded disease as the deficiency has been transferred from generation to generation.

In most cases, high blood sugar is accompanied by hypertension. Giving the person to be at the state of higher risk in health. This pandemic has caused these patients limited access to seeing a Doctor either in the clinic, and lesser chances in the hospitals as they have turned into covid centers.

So how did Sanodi fill in the gap?


Telemedicine is now at the palm of your hands. Sanofi WeHealth has partnered with KonsultaMD, AIDE, Medify, HealthNow and SeriousMD to give Filipinos access to online medical consultations. This has been very useful to safeguard the safety of both the Doctor and Patient, also being at the comfort of your own home. Time and distance are not a factor anymore, just be at the right appointment time and you will be able to get your consultation.

Pharmacies now consider an online medical prescription and these online drugstores also allow us to order online. Thanks to mobile wallets and booking apps everything is now possible. We thank Sanofi for bridging the gap to health and wellness for a healthier Philippines!









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