PLDT Enterprise boosts E-learning of Trinity University of Asia

Trinity University of Asia gets a boost using SMART Giga Study plans

PLDT Enterprise, in its aim to continuously support the local education sector amid the global pandemic, extends e-Learning solutions to Trinity University of Asia (TUA) to support its online learning initiatives for the upcoming academic year.


Steadfast in providing solutions to make digital learning manageable, PLDT Enterprise deploys 3,000 lines of SMART Giga Study plans to TUA. Disbursed to the university’s students, this solution includes pocket wifi devices and daily data allocation for online learning tools essential to the new normal of learning. Access to information will be enjoyed by faculty members and students which is vital to furthering their expanded online needs.


PLDT Enterprise and Smart
PLDT Enterprise boosts E-learning of Trinity University of Asia


“We at PLDT Enterprise are committed to providing schools and learning institutions the necessary connectivity and digital tools that will enable remote learning. These digital solutions and online learning platforms will ease the minds of the students and teachers, so that they can continue their education amid the challenges posed by the global pandemic,” says Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT President & CEO and SVP & Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups.


TUA has adopted e-learning initiatives through the TUA Learning Cloud (TLC) and Virtual Library. A vehicle for Flexible Learning Options that provide uninterrupted learning, PLDT Enterprise’s allocated data plan is specifically for access to the TUA Learning Cloud and Virtual Library, whether on a simultaneous interaction, or from an online module to work at their own pace.


“We Trinitians value learning, and by providing a safe virtual platform through PLDT’s SMART Giga Study assures us of a quality education for all. Our students will be provided with pocket wifi devices with monthly data plan for internet connectivity assistance,” says Dr. Gisela Luna, VP of Student Affairs.

pldt smart
PLDT Enterprise boosts E-learning of Trinity University of Asia


The transition to e-learning due to the ongoing pandemic will make it easier through SMART Giga Study, as it provides generous data allocation and access to useful academic suites such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Classroom, Google Hangouts and Docs, YouTube, and other learning management systems.


SMART Bizload supplements this service as well, where the faculty and students are able download materials in bulk, quickly and efficiently with a secure easy-to-use web-based prepaid loading portal for SMART and TNT services.


“PLDT Enterprise continues to support and strengthen learning management systems most especially for the education sector. The SMART Giga Study Plan equips students and teachers of TUA with the best possible education materials needed from the safety of their homes,” adds Vic Tria, First Vice President of PLDT Enterprise.


PLDT Enterprise aims to redefine the future of learning through its continuous engagement with universities, colleges, and other learning institutions across the country so no learner is left behind.


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