Patriot Memory formally announced the release of the Viper Elite 5 DDR5

Patriot Memory formally announced the release of the Viper Elite 5 DDR5 which is part of the Performance Memory series. The Viper Elite 5 DDR5 memory series is designed and positioned to address the needs of the mainstream gamers and tech enthusiasts, that offers a very robust performance and reliability.


The Viper Elite 5 boasts impressive specifications, with clock speeds reaching as high as 7000MHz and the option to have capacities of up to 96GB. This ensures that it can handle demanding tasks and provide a smooth gaming experience.


Viper Elite 5 DDR5
Patriot Memory formally announced the release of the Viper Elite 5 DDR5


Notably, the Viper Elite 5 incorporates top-quality Integrated Circuits (ICs) and comes equipped with an unlocked PMIC (Power Management Integrated Circuit). It also supports both Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO overclocking profiles, allowing users to optimize their system’s performance to their preferences.


One of the standout features of the Viper Elite 5 is its unique design, inspired by high-speed bullet trains. This design will be available in both RGB and non-RGB models, catering to different aesthetic preferences. Additionally, it sports an exclusive matte white heatshield, combining high performance with an eye-catching appearance.


Viper Elite 5 DDR5
Patriot Memory formally announced the release of the Viper Elite 5 DDR5


Initially unveiled at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and later showcased at Computex 2023, the Viper Elite 5 is scheduled for an official release last July 2023.


For further details about the Viper Elite 5 and the broader Viper Gaming performance memory series, you can visit the Viper Gaming Performance Memory page at


Viper Elite 5 DDR5
Viper Elite 5 DDR5


Banbros Commercial Inc. (BCI), a leading provider of high-quality technology products that guarantee the best customer experience is the exclusive distributor of Patriot Memory products in the Philippines. Both companies aim to strengthen the latter’s position for high-quality yet affordable computer memory products.


To learn more about Banbros Commercial Inc. (BCI) and its services, you can visit their website at


Technical Specifications

Type DDR5
Color White
Capacity 16GB (16GB*1) / 32GB (16GB*2) /48GB (24GB*2) / 64GB (32GB*2) / 96GB (48GB*2)
Base Frequency PC5-38400 (4800MHz)
Base Timings 40-40-40-77
Base Voltage 1.1V
Tested Frequency Up to PC-56000 (7000MHz) 
Tested Timings Up to 38-48-48-88
Tested Voltage Up to 1.45V
Dimensions (L x W x H) 0.6 cm (L) x 13.5 cm (W) x 4.4 cm (H)
Weight 46g
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty

Unmatched Speed

The Viper Elite 5 delivers unrivaled speed and efficiency with state-of-the-art internal clock generation and memory timing circuits to offer strong performance of up to 7,000MHz for select models.

Viper Elite 5 DDR5

Viper Elite 5 DDR5 

Brilliant Craftsmanship

Created from high-quality aluminum parts and 100% hand-tested for quality assurance, the Viper Elite 5 is designed with components built for strong performance and consistency.


One-of-a-kind Design

Inspired by the speed and design of bullet trains, the Viper Elite 5 combines sharp performance with a one-of-a-kind matte white heatshield with an RGB lightbar across the top.

Viper Elite 5 DDR5

Viper Elite 5 DDR5 

Enhanced System Stability

With its On-Die ECC, the Viper Elite 5 can correct single-bit errors and detect multi-bit errors, ensuring that data integrity, data accuracy and system reliability are maintained in the event of hardware errors or other issues in high-performance environments. The Viper Elite 5 also features integrated high-quality PMIC for higher speed operation with lower voltage and less heat generated.


Endless Customization Options

The Viper Elite 5’s unique RGB lightbar allows for endless customization options paired with a white headshield to stand out among other performance memory. With our exclusive Viper RGB Sync App, you can easily pair lighting effects with other devices for one fully immersive system.


Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO Ready

The Viper Elite 5 supports for Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO overclock profiles.



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