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HEAD Speed Rev Pro

This morning, The Philippine Columbian Association Tennis Court was the venue for the launch of HEAD products. Head presented their new model the “Graphene XT Speed Racquet Line”, which when i lifted was like lifting almost nothing. The racquet was so light and it amazed me that a ream of paper was heavier than this.

Game raisers are the one who defines what a game raiser is. Head is not defining it. The game raisers are the ones who play the game, and those who change it. Those who play Those who play by the book, and those who rewrite it. Game raisers are the ones who keep pushing forward. They inspire and show you who you can become. Game raisers awaken the hero inside you. They fuel the athlete spirit, and make you see that TENNIS is more than a sport. IT’S A CHOICE. Because the faster game is ON with NO MORE SPEED LIMITS! That’s why the world’s number 1 tennis player Novak Djokovic, recommends the new Graphene XT Speed racquet line that combines an iconic new design and the improved Graphene XT technology into one speedy package.

The Graphene XT Speed racquets feature the next generation of the revolutionary Graphene technology, which is based on the use of graphene, the strongest yet lightest material in the world. With its benefits in mind, the updated technology Graphene XT now features a 30% stronger material structure that has been engineered to optimize the racquet’s weight distribution to where players need it most. As a result, racquets with Graphene XT feature a 10% better energy transfer for a higher ball speed and faster game.

Selected SPEED models also feature the innovative Adaptive String Pattern (ASP) technology, which allows the player to exchange the grommet strips and choose between a 16/16 pattern for more spin or the 16/19 pattern for more control.

The new Graphene XT SPEED racquets are already available as of November 17, 2014 (MP A, Rev Pro) and January 12, 2015 (Pro), respectively, at Chris Sports outlets and selected retailers.

The new HEAD Graphene XT SPEED racquet line comes in the following well-known models:

• HEAD Graphene XT SPEED Pro (available on January 12, 2015):
Tour version with highest weight, 645 cm2 head size, 315g weight, a constant beam of 22 mm, string pattern 18/20 for more control – PhP13,800.00

• HEAD Graphene XT SPEED MP A (Available as of November 17, 2014):
Lighter tour version optimized for more versatility and power with adaptive string pattern technology, 645 cm2 head size, 300g weight, a constant beam of 22 mm, adaptive string pattern 16/19 & 16/16 (interchangeable) – PhP13,800.00

• HEAD Graphene XT SPEED Rev Pro (Available as of November 17, 2014):
Longer racquet for increased swing weight featuring adaptive string pattern technology, 630 cm2 head size, 265g weight, 695mm length, beam of 25/22,5/24 mm, adaptive string pattern 16/19 & 16/16 (interchangeable) – PhP12,500.00


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