LOGITECH trade-in gives you evouchers through LOGI Rewards

5 Benefits of Trading-Up Your Old Gadgets at Logitech

General cleaning lets you discover you have lots of old equipment stashed that can no longer be used since the interface during those days are no longer used. Don’t throw them to the trash, LOGITECH trade-in gives you evouchers through LOGI Rewards which gives you the chance upgrade your gear. Just bring your old computer peripherals like keyboard, mouse and headset, download the LOGI Rewards app and get the credit.

That is why keeping your gadgets up-to-date is always a good idea when you want better performance, quicker response and more functionality. Upgrading will be very costly. Now is the time to upgrade.

LOGITECH trade-in gives you evouchers through LOGI Rewards
5 Benefits of Trading-Up Your Old Gadgets at Logitech


The drive started last February 15 and will run until March 31, 2020. Logitech gives you the chance to trade-up your old gadgets in exchange for e-vouchers, through the LOGI Rewards App. Simply download the app and register your account. Then, take your old gadgets to the Logitech pop-up booths and partner outlets at the following venues and dates:

 LOGITECH G CONCEPT STORE : Feb 15 – Mar 31, 2020
 SM North Cyberfest : Feb 28 – Mar 1, 2020
 Festival Mall : Feb 29 – Mar 6, 2020
 SM Megamall : Mar 25 – 31, 2020

Apart from allowing Logitech customers to trade-up old gadgets, the LOGI Rewards App also offers exciting rewards and special promos when you successfully register, and during succeeding purchases. Updates and information on Logitech products, events, and promotions are also available on the app.

Here are 5 great reasons why Logitech trade-in works for you :

1. It’s the perfect opportunity to de-clutter your space and your life. This way, you get to let go of some stuff you no longer need, and get something in return, too.

2. Trading-up helps minimize the impact that electronic products may have on the environment. Instead of sending your old gadgets to landfills, this alternative allows you to responsibly dispose of them, through channels that are able to reuse or recycle qualified devices.

3. You get rewarded for the effort with up to PhP500 worth of Logitech vouchers.

4. Visiting the Logitech Concept Store and partner outlets gives you the chance to check out and experience the latest gaming gear available.

5. It’s an awesome way to use and experience the new LOGI Rewards App.

Check out this handy list of rewards that you can get when you trade-up your old gadgets.

So what are you waiting for, grab all those old equipment and time to head on to the Logitech trade-in booths.



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