LG nurtures ties with the community

LG's Corporate Social Responsibility

Over the years, companies engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives have become the norm, expected even, in doing business. It’s a trend that’s happening across the globe. Consumers as well have become more discerning with regard to a company’s advocacies and how it resonates with them. More importantly, consumers have been looking for and demanding authenticity in all areas where CSR is concerned. This notion of authenticity shows how these programs play an important role in how consumers view companies. CSR nowadays is more than just writing a check, donating a few items, and having a photo op. LG nurtures ties with the community with LG’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

LG nurtures ties with the community, LG’s Corporate Social Responsibility

One of the pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility is community engagement. You have to reach out and work hard to be embraced by your local community. It shows sincerity, develops relationships, and inspires loyalty.
LG Philippines has been at the forefront of community engagement. The company has throughout the years, made a firm and unwavering commitment to social responsibility. From providing assistance and support to the valiant soldiers from Marawi, to furthering culture and education at the National Museum, LG has been a staunch advocate in making a difference.


Just recently, LG Philippines together with the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) partnered up with a public school within the vicinity of its main office. San Joaquin Kalawaan High School in Pasig served as the staging point for the company’s latest outreach program. In celebration of World Environment Day, LG donated 3 units of its green dual inverter air-conditioners which has a 70% energy saving feature as well as an air purifier. LG also had volunteers from the school, the company, and the community build a Green Living Wall through a collaborative effort inside the school.



One of LG’s global advocacies right now is the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. Dubbed as the Zero Carbon 2030 initiative, LG commits as a whole to achieve net-zero carbon emissions from its global operations within 12 years. While the Green Living Wall project might seem like a drop in the bucket with this goal in mind, it shows LG PH’s commitment and alignment to a global objective and more importantly, engages the community at the same time.

LG nurture ties with the community, LG’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Speaking more about LG’s commitment to social responsibility and the community, Mr. Inkwun Heo LG Philippines’ Managing Director, reiterates “The most important thing about programs such as these is the authenticity behind it, no matter how small they may seem at the start. By playing an active role in the community and its betterment as well as doing more than what’s required, LG is able to plant seeds that lead to better awareness, a better environment, and perhaps even a better future.”





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