Let the Mood and the Music Take You With LG TONE Free Earbuds

There’s just something about the rainy season that makes you forget everything and get lost with your favorite tunes. Watching the pitter patter of raindrops on a glass window while listening to soulful songs and ballads is a moment we’ve all experienced one time or another. One thing that can ruin the moment however, is poor audio quality. 


Let the Mood and the Music Take You With LG TONE Free Earbuds
Let the Mood and the Music Take You With LG TONE Free Earbuds


With LG TONE Free earbuds, you can be rest assured that you will always be able to cherish the sentimental mood the rain brings. Both the TONE Free FN7 and FN4 promise to deliver only the best audio quality and more. The secret to the TONE Free’s crisp, high-quality audio is its Meridian Technology, one of the pioneers of high-fidelity audio in the world. The British company designed the earbuds to deliver clear and spatial audio. No matter where you are, become completely immersed in whatever you listen to and forget you are wearing earbuds. Meridian’s Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP) feature overcomes the challenges of headphone listening such as their compact size and lack of ‘crosstalk’ between the left and right channels. HSP not only recreates a realistic soundstage that simulates the experience of listening to real loudspeakers, but it also delivers vocals with pristine clarity. This is a fresh listening experience helping you forget you’re wearing your earbuds. One of the best features that the FN7 has, especially for commuters, is its Active Noise Cancellation. It is engineered to reduce the high-frequency noise we encounter from day to day. Block out the busy street and enjoy your own private concert wherever you are.


LG Tone Free earbuds
Let the Mood and the Music Take You With LG TONE Free Earbuds


You too can have an unforgettable audio experience. For a limited time, you can get a pair of the LG TONE Free earbuds for a discounted price when you buy an LG OLED TV, which is a Two of a Kind experience. The Two for One bundle is available in selected authorized LG dealer stores. 


LG Tone Free Earbuds
Let the Mood and the Music Take You With LG TONE Free Earbuds


Want just the earbuds themselves? The TONE Free wireless earbuds are available in LG’s flagship stores in Lazada and Shoppee. Make sure to follow LG Global’s FB page or register in lg.com to get the latest updates on the newest products and promotions.


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