LAMUDI maps are back with updated app

Online property portal Lamudi Philippines has released an updated version of its innovative Android app. The update features extensive improvements to its user interface with a major focus on the map experience. The addition of maps means increased usability and functionality, where users can quickly and easily add and remove properties to their favorites list directly from the map. They can also change search criteria without leaving the map screen.

Lamudi launches redesigned Android app with improved map experience
Lamudi launches redesigned Android app with improved map experience

Additionally, properties without images or pricing information can be excluded from search results. When users return to the map from a particular listing, the improved map feature retains its previous view settings, such as the user’s position and properties viewed. The latest update also includes other useful features, such as retaining previously viewed maps offline after having visited a listing, as well as special markers for favorited and already-seen properties.

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Lamudi Global, Kian Moini, said: “Over the past two years, we have shifted our focus to our apps in response to growing demand from house-hunters using mobile devices. This latest version of the Android app is a great improvement on its predecessor but we are just at the beginning. As our clients, customers and markets change, we will continue to tailor our mobile product to their needs.”

In 2014, Lamudi launched its Android app with the intention of making it easy to browse real estate listings from the comfort of a mobile device. The app has been through several versions, many of which included a map feature. The latest update is an indication of the forward direction of both the app and the company itself.

Since its inception, the Android app has been downloaded more than 630,000 times. The majority of downloads come from Asia and the Middle East.

With this latest update, the map feature works best when users are registered and logged in to a Lamudi account. However, users can still browse listings without one.

The increased functionality of the Android mobile app and its user-friendly interface make it easier for property hunters to find what they are looking for in 34 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

Download Lamudi’s updated Android app in Google Play.







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