KodeGo bridges STEM gender-employment gap, opens new opportunities for women in tech

KodeGo, the innovative online tech boot camp by Globe’s 917Ventures, is charting a new course for women in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields by providing opportunities that aim to address gender disparity in local employment. 

The Philippines currently exhibits a 22% gender-based disparity in the STEM workforce, the largest in Southeast Asia, according to a study by professional networking platform LinkedIn. Although women make up 58.8% of employees in non-STEM fields, this figure dramatically falls to a mere 36.3% within the STEM sectors.


KodeGo bridges STEM gender-employment gap, opens new opportunities for women in tech


KodeGo’s mission to democratize education for all is proving to be instrumental in this context, equalizing opportunities for women in these rapidly evolving and highly sought-after disciplines.

The online boot camp has a curriculum patterned after in-demand tech skills and soft skills sought by companies.  Short-term tech-related courses include Full-Stack Web Development, UX Design, and WordPress Development. 

KodeGo has seen an increasing number of women enrolling in its programs, with the number rising as KodeGo increased the number of boot camps it offers. Currently, women make up 26% of KodeGo’s student population, with a total of 572 as of June 2023– a testament to increased female interest in traditionally male-dominated fields because of KodeGo’s dedication to offering accessible, gender-neutral education.

“KodeGo is deeply committed to addressing the glaring STEM gender-employment gaps in the country,” said Cristina Gervasio, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at KodeGo. “By providing quality training, we aim to empower Filipinos, no matter what their gender may be so that they could be more competitive in the IT industry. We envision a future where the tech world sees equal representation of genders, fostering innovation, diversity, and resilience.”

Recognizing that the most significant drop in female representation in the STEM workforce occurs between graduation and employment, KodeGo is intensifying efforts to provide a seamless transition for its graduates. By partnering with top-tier companies, KodeGo ensures graduates receive first-rate education and gain hands-on experience in real-world projects, further cementing their place in the STEM workforce.

As an initiative under 917Ventures, KodeGo signifies the Globe Group’s ongoing commitment to improving the caliber of Filipino software engineers and promoting gender equality in the tech sector.


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