Keep Hygienix close to your heart and skin always

As we step into the “Ber” months, no less than Christmas holiday icon Jose Mari Chan has come to remind us how important it is to keep our family and friends safe with his go-to essential: Hygienix.  Keep Hygienix close to your heart and skin always.


Besides Keeping Christmas in Our Hearts, Jose Mari Chan says it will also do us a lot of good if we keep Hygienix on our skin. And for good reason! Ordinary germicidal soap and rubbing alcohol tend to cause dry skin when used regularly.  Hygienix Germ-Kill  Products (Alcohol, Soap, Germ Kill Alcohol, Hand Spray, and Gels) does not only kill 99.99% germs and common disease- causing bacteria, it also has a moisturizing and non-drying formulas that makes sanitizing safe on the skin–even if done frequently. Aside from this ALL, Hygienix products have refreshing scents that you can choose from that makes antibacterial fun! 


Keep Hygienix close to your heart and skin always


In this time of COVID, Hygienix was able to fill two needs with one deed: protect people from germs AND protect their skin from needlessly going dry. A true germ killer, skin lover! Kudos Hygienix! 


Backed by its parent company, Asian Personal Care giant Wipro Consumer Care, Hygienix has become a trusted brand, not only in the Philippines but in various parts of the globe. As word spread of its germ-killing and skin-loving qualities, Hygienix found itself swamped with orders for their various sanitizing products! Now, even other countries are relying on the germ killing, skin loving benefits of Hygienix!


As the fight rages on against the more aggressive COVID Delta variant, Hygienix has also started expanding its product line to include the Germ-Kill Body Wash, the Germ-Kill Hand Wash, and Germ-Kill Wipes. By offering these other germicidal formats, Hygienix says they hope to cater to a broader market whose lifestyles may be different but the needs are the same: to be clean, safe and protected. So don’t let the viral pandemic get the better of you and take out the merriment this Ber months and well into Christmas.  Keep Hygienix on your skin–and in your hearts! 


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