#kabantayngbayan Procurement #hackathon

#kabantayngbayan #philgeps #hackathon

Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System otherwise known as PHILGEPS, launched a program for #kabantayngbayan #hackathon contest having 20 participants of various ages from different Schools all over the Philippines, a procurement hackathon at the Globe Valero office yesterday.

What is a #hackathon?

It is an event known as hack day, hackfest or codefest where computer programmers, software development writers, graphic designers, interface design and and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects. Occasionally, there is a hardware component as well where pentest or penetration testing, a level 1 security is tested on the internet on how some programs and network locations can stand against hackers. This is a part of ethical hacking, to analyze further if all #infosec areas are secured or not to prevent an actual hack. A hack is a breach in security defense of your network where your data is prone to cybercrime and cyber theft.

What are the App requirements?

The apps need to be useful in terms of the Electronic Procurement to standardize the database of vendors, products, categories in pricing and other relevant products that can be used to benchmark costs for future procurement plans of the different Government agencies.

The Merchant tools must be usable for market research in order to encourage other suppliers to participate as well.

The Committee formed for the #hackathon are Ms. Rosa Maria M. Clemente, Executive Director for PHILGEPS,
Omar Bernal Project Manager PhilGEPS, Nick Castro, Project head/developer, Evangelist from Open Data Philippines.

The venue was sponsored by Globe Telecom and a grant will be provided to the Top 3 winners. P 50,000 for the 1st prize, P 30,000 for the second prize and P 20,000 for the 3rd prize.

The winners’ #hackathon program needs to be run and pass before the winners can get the full amount. Winners will be announced next week.


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