The “Impossible” Magic Show from London is in the Philippines

The “Impossible” Magic Show straight from London is now here in the Philippines for their performance. Araneta Coliseum will be the venue starting this Christmas Day, December 25 at 1pm until January 3, 2018. They will have a total of 14 shows in that 8 days of performance.

A family show that will thrill audiences of all ages, prepare for mind-boggling acts, astonishing tricks, and so much more.
The setup will be right in the audience and will make everyone feel involved. They also promise major audience interaction, with tricks being performed with the help of people chosen by the magicians themselves. Catch your breath when one of the illusionists just starts to levitate on stage! And when someone disappears right in front of your eyes, don’t say we didn’t warn you!
“The show has changed a lot since it started in London in 2015 – there are same cast members since we started, and some are new,” notes ‘Impossible’ production associate, Chris Hancock. “Each time we go to a new venue, we think about what kind of show we want to bring! We try and secure the best people for the show, to bring (to the audiences) that scale and the biggest illusions.”
So gear up for something new and definitely hair-raising this Christmas and get some magic in your life! And we bet you’d be walking out the Big Dome exclaiming, “That’s just IMPOSSIBLE!”


What to expect from this magical show, to see is to believe :

The world’s best (and he says, with a laugh, the only) hip hop magician, MAGICAL BONES combines awesome dance moves with his magic tricks. He used to dance for the Black Eyed Peas and Madonna (he’s wowed her with magic tricks, too!), but now he will also take your breath away with magic. Don’t blink or you might miss it!

What were you doing in your teenage years? BEN HART has been performing magic at an age when most of his peers were probably out partying. Since then, he has continuously pushed boundaries in performing unorthodox tricks whether on stage or his own TV show. Focus on his hands, people! This sleight of hand artist will turns the best street magic into an astounding performance on the big screen on stage.

Master of multiple magical trade, ALI COOK is a daring escapologist, sleight of hand expert, stage illusionist, and performer of thought control. This modern-day Houdini will blow people’s minds with his unique tricks. You need to see it to believe it!

Clear your mind before this award-winning, mind-reading specialist gets his hands on it! CHRIS COX has bewildered audiences around the world – including One Direction’s Liam Payne – with his mind reading talents. Prepare to volunteer as he goes out into the audience to ask for people to help him with his act. After all, the best way to experience what he does is to be part of it. Good luck!

JOSEPHINE LEE is the world’s leading female illusionist. A unique performer that will definitely amaze audiences, she apparently opens the show with a cool trick. And while you’re looking around trying to wrap your mind around her performance, she just might slip away and disappear! Look around you, you just might see her where you least expect it!

This “America’s Got Talent” alum will win audiences with his out-of-this-world style. BELLO NOCK is known for his daring stunts that have earned him a reputation as the “World’s Greatest Comic Daredevil.” He incorporates jokes in his stunts, which we heard will have him “swaying around” with “big wheels flying everywhere,” and promises to thrill audiences with a night they won’t forget.

Ticket prices from P160 to P1,480 only. So what are you waiting for? Tickets for “Impossible” are now available. For reservations and more information, visit or call 911-5555.

To see is to believe #ImpossibleAtTheAraneta



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