Go Hotels Manila Airport Road soft opening

Just the other day i was wondering why there are no more nice and affordable hotels near the airport here in Manila. When you go to other cities in the Philippines, like Davao, Leyte, Iloilo, there are really affordable hotels that tourists, local and foreign can enjoy having a comfortable sleep without beating the rush hours.

With the hustle and bustle of Manila life, it is really a pain in the neck if you get caught in rush hour and be left with your flight. That is really going to be a big problem especially if you have a business meeting or will go to a place where timing is of the essence, like there is only 1 trip to a boat, or chasing an appointment.

Now, this problem can be avoided especially live from the outskirts of Manila or from a distant province. The Roxaco-Vanguard Hotel Corporation opens its first branch of Go Hotels on Manila Airport Road. Just a short distance from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Go Hotels, Manila Airport Road is perfect for travelers who need to recharge before their next adventure begins. Go Hotels, Manila Airport Road amenities and services are now available for as low as PHP388.   Go Hotels, Manila Airport Road is a licensee of Robinson Land Corporation.

I hope the city government of Pasay can provide a short distance economy bus that allows travelers to commute to the airport.

Go Hotels Manila Airport Road opens         


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