GCash: GInvest lets you invest in local and global companies for as low as ₱50.00!

Investment for most Filipinos has always been shrouded under a veil of mystery. Most would rather not try to understand or deal with the seemingly complicated process behind it, nor would they be willing to entrust their hard-earned cash to an investment broker and let it sit in virtuality. GCash, the mobile wallet app, seeks to make the investment process worry free and more inclusive with a press of a button through their new product, GInvest.


GInvest is the first ever digital investment platform which allows Filipinos as young as 18 years old and with a valid ID to explore investments and conveniently grow their wealth through a tap of their GCash app. “We want to allow people from all walks of life to be able to start understanding the benefits of investing,” said Martha Sazon, President and CEO of Mynt, the company behind GCash. “Through GInvest, they are able to use their savings and make it grow so they can use their returns to travel or fulfill their dream purchases.”


GInvest by GCash
GCash: GInvest lets you invest in local and global companies for as low as ₱50.00!


Together with ATRAM Trust Corporation, the leading independent asset manager in the country, and SEEDBOX Philippines, a company which has introduced digitized investing in the Philippines, GInvest provides access to expertly managed funds with industry leaders like Ayala and Globe Telecom locally, and the likes of Alibaba, Apple, and Google globally. Users can trust the funds they put in are being managed by the most trusted fund managers in the country and are kept secure by GCash infrastructures. We are thrilled to partner with GCash in providing Filipinos easier access to investment opportunities around the world. We have lowered the minimum investment requirement for our funds to allow new investors to get started on their investment journey without having to put up large sums of money. We believe that through GInvest, investing will become a habit for Filipinos and allow them to build a more financially secure future,” said Mike Ferrer, CEO, ATRAM.


Users may choose to invest in five different types of funds: Money Market Fund (the more traditional way of investing, like time deposits), Philippine Total Return Bond Fund (which lets users invest in bonds in local companies and government), Philippine Smart Equity Index Fund (which lets users invest in local companies through the PSEi index, like BPI, BDO, and Ayala), Global Technology Feeder Fund (which lets users invest in tech trailblazers like Google, Apple, and Samsung), and Global Consumer Trends Fund (which lets users invest in innovative companies like Shopee, Nintendo, or Alibaba).


Investing through GInvest has been made easy: after logging into the GCash app (using a fully verified account), they will need to go into the GInvest module, then select “Proceed to start registration”. From there, they will need to answer the Risk Profile assessment to help GInvest gauge what kind of investments to recommend. After reading and confirming the Terms and Conditions that follow, users are ready to start investing.


GInvest aims to elevate Filipino financial literacy and democratize investments. A minimum ₱50 buy-in for local funds and ₱1,000 for international funds allows any GInvest user to start their investment journey, making GInvest by GCash the first fintech company in the Philippines to offer low investment buy-ins. Users also have the assurance of seeing where their money is and tracking its growth. To assure new or experienced investors, GInvest gives users complete control and transparency over their investments and those handling their investments. GInvest lets users track and subscribe assets they’re interested in, monitor their investments, buy and sell stocks, and be reminded of their investment schedule—all without leaving the GCash app.


GInvest is set to revolutionize the way Filipinos see and do investment. While investments do come with some level of risk, GInvest lessens it with the lowest buy-in rates coupled with high-performing assets—a surefire way to generate a passive income, regardless of how aggressive or conservative a user may decide to be. It will let you #UnlockYourLifeGoals at the press of a button—the money the user earns in returns could fund their next vacation, or help them start a new business: the possibilities are endless.


GInvest by GCash is available to the fully KYC’d customers of the Gcash app.  For more information, you may visit www.gcash.com.


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