GCash digitally enables City of Manila

Manila City Mayor Francisco Domagoso shows GCash

The leading mobile wallet in the Philippines, GCash, digitally enables City of Manila by helping thousands of students unlock the immense benefits of digital finance by empowering them with a mobile platform that provides unparalleled access to financial tools such as savings, credit, and even investments.

Through its partnership, GCash and City of Manila, is promoting financial inclusion in the Philippine capital by equipping 1,000 students under the scholarship program of the local government with GCash accounts.


GCash digitally enables City of Manila
Manila City Mayor Francisco Domagoso shows personalized GCash Card to 1,000 city scholars who are the beneficiaries.


Anthony Thomas GCash president said,“Providing finance for all has always been our goal at GCash, and this partnership with the City Government of Manila through the strong and progressive leadership of Mayor Francisco ‘Isko Moreno’ Domagoso brings us a step closer to this objective,” during a formal event held.

Under the partnership, roughly 1,000 scholars of the city of Manila will receive their allowances and monetary benefits through the GCash platform, which they can also use to transact on physical and digital stores, buy load, open up a savings account, or even invest in money market funds.

GCash and City of Manila partnershio
Manila City Mayor Francisco Domagoso and GCash President Anthony Thomas

The GCash app also affords them access to a credit line. They can also use their GCash wallets to pay for their groceries at GCash QR-powered stores, send money to their loved ones, and enjoy experiences like watching movies and supporting advocacies.

“Together with the City Government of Manila, we are opening up a wealth of opportunities for these students, who are the future of the Philippines. With the GCash app, they gain access to a spectrum of financial tools that are previously limited or even unavailable to them,” Thomas said.

Some students of the Universidad de Manila
Part of the 1,000 student scholars who will be recipients of the GCash partnership with City of Manila

Aside from the app, GCash also provided the scholars with their own GCash Mastercards, which they can use to cash the money out, or use for point-of-sale transactions in physical stores. The GCash Mastercard is also their official identification card as scholars of the government.

GCash believes that financial inclusion is an attribute of an advanced society, and through the promotion of digital finance through GCash, the City Government of Manila is on the right track.

“As a strong government partner, we have always made it our mission to extend all the help that we can to provide finance for all. Providing access to a wealth of financial tools via the GCash platform trains the youth to become more responsible in the future,” Thomas said.

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