Exclusive prepaid promos on Globe switch


Globe gives its prepaid customers more reasons to enjoy the connected life with new and affordable data promos! All you have to do is download the Globe Switch app to enjoy a slew of exclusive promos with texts, calls and data.

Switch app users can now enjoy three (3) new promos on Globe Switch. For customers who prefer large GB allocation and who are always on-the-go, the best bet is SWITCH200! This comes with 3GB data for surfing, additional 4GB for GoWATCH & PLAY, unlimited texts to all networks, and unlimited calls to Globe/TM, valid for 7 days for only P200.

Enjoy new Globe Prepaid data promos exclusively on the Globe Switch app

For customers who need to stay connected with family and friends from all networks, there’s GoALLNET100! GoALLNET100 comes with 3 days of unlimited calls and texts to all networks, 1GB data for surfing, and an additional 2GB for GoWATCH & PLAY. For those who wish to stay connected longer, they can avail of the 7-day, GoALLNET200! For just P200, they can enjoy 7 days of unlimited calls and texts to all networks, 2GB data for surfing, and an additional 2GB for GoWATCH & PLAY.

To enjoy all these exclusive promos, just download the Globe Switch app from the Google Play Store or simply click bit.ly/8GSwitch for free. Just remember that when using the app for the first time:
– Your mobile data must be turned ON since the Switch app only works via mobile data (not WiFi)
– Your Globe Prepaid SIM must be in SIM slot 1 for dual SIM devices
– You must turn the Data Saving mode ON (under the “USAGE” tab)

Once you’re in, tap on “WHAT’S HOT” or “AVAILABLE” section. Select your preferred promo and get ready to enjoy affordable data! By registering to these new offers, users also get Spin Credits that can be used in the Lucky Spin (under the “REWARDS” tab) for a chance to win exciting prizes.

You can also save on your mobile data under the “CONTROLS” tab, where you can allow or disallow some apps to access the internet. To minimize load deductions, simply text SURFALERT ON to 8080.

Check out the Globe Switch App from the Google Play Store for more information and follow Globe ICON on Facebook and Instagram.


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