Cherry Portable cutlery set lets you bring your own utensils anytime

It’s time to leave disposable plastic utensils in the past and start toting your own reusable set because owning one, pretty much won’t hurt. Not only will you essentially help save the earth but you can even assure that what you put in your mouth is clean and safe to use—especially with COVID-19 just lurking around. 


Cherry Home portable cutlery set
Cherry Portable cutlery set lets you bring your own utensils anytime


The Cherry Portable Cutlery Set comes with a silicone storage, available in three colors: blue, orange, and red—so you can easily drop it in your satchel or lunch bag and grab it once it’s time for your meal. Inside, you’ll spot your utensils made with high grade compact stainless steel, keeping them free from rust and corrosion. It is also dishwasher-safe so you can maximize usage without worrying about tarnishing after multiple times of washing. Finally, it is food-safe so not only can you guarantee that you’re being more sanitary by keeping your own set of utensils, but also enjoy its durability and ability to withstand wear and tear—no worries of accidentally swallowing chipped parts (just imagine) or awkwardly bringing out a spoon that seems to have undergone the test of time—not a very classy scenario, don’t you think?


With all its features, it sure is worth its price tag at P350. Do a simple part of saving the environment and keeping yourself extra safe by grabbing your own cutlery set now at:


Cherry Shop PH:



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