CHAMP Cargosystems PH signs with PLDT Enterprise for ePLDT Calling activation

CHAMP Cargosystem, the most successful global IT provider dedicated to the needs of the air cargo industry, providing integrated services for cargo carriers and their distribution partners worldwide —recently signed a strategic partnership with PLDT Enterprise, together with its ICT arm ePLDT, for services that would enable their international offices to be more operationally agile and connected amidst the changing demands of the new normal business landscape. CHAMP Cargosystems PH signs with PLDT Enterprise for ePLDT Calling activation.

The IT solutions company is the first onboarded customer of ePLDT Calling for Microsoft Teams, a cloud-based phone system that allows businesses to combine their communication and collaboration systems in a single platform. 


Champ Cargosystems choose PLDT Enterprise
CHAMP Cargosystems PH signs with PLDT Enterprise for ePLDT Calling activation


This hybrid telephony and video conferencing solution is designed by ePLDT highlighting the integrated features of Microsoft Teams, robustness of PLDT SIP connectivity and reliability of VITRO Data Center. Now employees, customers and stakeholders can call, chat and connect together real-time and seamlessly.


In over seven global offices of CHAMP Cargosystems with more than 450 employees worldwide, this solution will help ensure quality reliable calls with built-in security and privacy from Microsoft 365. 


“This partnership with PLDT Enterprise will allow us to achieve our goals in providing accelerated IT solutions, services and support for our air cargo and aviation regulator customers.  In the air cargo industry context, it is imperative to have reliable, fast, and secure connectivity and communication services that will allow us to collaborate faster and do our business optimally. We believe that PLDT Enterprise is the perfect partner for that,” said CHAMP Cargosystems Philippines Managing Director Philips Manalaysay.

CHAMP Cargosystems provides services to over 100 airlines and 200 customers worldwide, including GSAs and Forwarders, over 300 handling stations, more than 1,500 stations spanning across 100 countries, over 3,000 connected forwarders, and over 15,000 users worldwide.  Members of the CHAMP community can exchange information securely using industry standards processes and formats, with over 300 million processed messages and 20 million shipments annually. CHAMP Cargosystems’ applications portfolio spans core cargo systems, enterprise systems and community and distribution services, compliance services as well freight forwarding solutions.

“We are pleased to kickstart this partnership with CHAMP Cargosystems Philippines. PLDT Enterprise always values the trust and support of our clients and we commit to providing excellent services that would propel them towards meeting their goals,” said Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT President & CEO and SVP & Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups.

With ePLDT’s ICT expertise and Microsoft 365 certifications, CHAMP Cargosystems is assured that its groundbreaking solution ePLDT Calling for Microsoft Teams is professionally implemented and supported and shall be continually enhanced. 


“It is our aspiration to fortify our enterprise accounts of the best ICT and connectivity solutions that will maximize their business capabilities. Such is our dedication to CHAMP Cargosystems. We thank you for your patronage and trust, and you can anchor your long-term plans with PLDT Enterprise,” said Vic Tria, PLDT First Vice President and Enterprise Revenue Group Head.



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