Blue Coat Empowers Business with New Advanced Threat Protection Solution

blue coat advance persistent threat protection

Blue Coat Systems, Inc., the market leader in business assurance technology, unveiled the new Blue Coat Advanced Threat Protection solution, which is purpose-built to bridge the gap in security organizations between day-to-day operations, incident containment and resolution. The new solution is the first to deliver a comprehensive Advanced Threat Protection lifecycle defense that fortifies the network by blocking known threats, proactively detecting unknown and already-present malware and automating best practices for incident containment post intrusion. This makes it possible for day-to-day security operations and advanced security teams to work together to protect and empower the business.

Today’s enterprises are experiencing material security breaches because of an organizational gap between day-to-day security operations and advanced security operations teams. According to the Verizon Data Breach Report, 84 percent of advanced targeted attacks took seconds, minutes or hours to compromise targets while 78 percent of breaches took weeks, months or years to discover. This gap exists because traditional security defenses are designed to detect and block known threats but remain largely blind to today’s zero-day threats and novel malware. This is worsened by the tendency for advanced security operations teams, as well as the defenses they employ, to operate in silos with no ability to share information across the entire security organization or environment.

The new Blue Coat Advanced Threat Protection solution automates and aligns best practices and technologies with business processes and policy, so the entire security organization can rapidly detect, contain and resolve advanced threats in a repeatable and consistent way. The solution seamlessly combines local and global threat intelligence to turn unknown threats into known threats at each stage in the incident lifecycle, thereby increasing the overall effectiveness of the security infrastructure. To learn more, please visit the Blue Coat Advanced Threat Protection Resource Center.

“As empowered businesses rapidly adopt new technologies across all functions, it has become increasingly important that security teams understand threats will get through their preventive defenses. They must align to address advanced threats with a lifecycle defense,” said Matthias Yeo, Chief Technology Officer – Asia Pacific, Blue Coat Systems. “The Blue Coat Advanced Threat Protection solution aligns security teams on the right strategy, the right process and the right actions before, during and after any security problem. This empowers our customers to continue to adopt new technology while assuring the security of their business.”

“Protecting our customers’ information is a top priority for us,” said Matthew Travis, IT Security Analyst, Wawa, Inc. “Blue Coat Advanced Threat Protection will enable our security team to work as a single force to detect, block, and remediate security threats.”

The Blue Coat Advanced Threat Protection solution automates and deploys Blue Coat technology for each stage of the incident lifecycle, providing industry-accepted best practices for an Incident Response Lifecycle for Containment, Eradication and Recovery as defined by the National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST). The Blue Coat Advanced Threat Protection solution provides technologies to:

1. Detect and Protect: To prevent threats as part of day-to-day security operations, the Blue Coat ProxySG appliance protects in real-time against known threats, malicious sources and malware delivery networks. The new Blue Coat Content Analysis System integrates with the ProxySG and orchestrates anti-malware protection and application whitelisting at the Internet gateway, allowing security teams to easily manage which sets of web activity go through preventative security systems. Contextual information about new threats is shared locally and globally in a continuous feedback loop that extends threat knowledge and protection through the Blue Coat Global Intelligence Network made up of 15,000 customers and over 75 million users.

2. Analyze and Mitigate: Unknown events are escalated for incident containment using the Blue Coat Content Analysis System with malware analysis and sandboxing, as well as the Security Analytics Platform by Solera, a Blue Coat company, with integrated ThreatBLADES. As the behaviors and characteristics of an unknown threat are learned through automated analysis, that intelligence is shared across the security infrastructure, enhancing protection at the gateway for a more scalable defense. The Blue Coat malware analysis technology integrates into existing security environments and can act as a broker for third-party sandboxing solutions, providing customers with the flexibility to choose one or more solutions to detect advanced or unknown malware.

3. Investigate and Remediate: The Blue Coat Security Analytics Platform enables advanced threat profiling and incident resolution. Intelligence of the known threat is used to investigate and remediate the full scope of the attack, including other instances of malicious files and threats already on the network. The intelligence on the full scope of the attack is shared across the enterprise infrastructure as well as across the Blue Coat Global Intelligence Network to automate detection of the newly identified threats in the “detect and protect” stage.

“Standalone approaches to specialized or advanced threat detection struggle with correlating intelligence across the security infrastructure,” said Phil Hochmuth, program manager for security research at IDC. “To detect and stop such attacks, enterprises should take an integrated security approach by connecting points of threat intelligence across the infrastructure; this enables quicker anomaly detection and resolution of security incidents.”

“We see significant demand for effective lifecycle solutions that detect, analyze and eradicate advanced attacks that are threatening businesses,” said Matthew Gyde, group general manager security at Dimension Data. “The approach Blue Coat has taken to address the full threat lifecycle in an integrated solution is important for enterprises; especially those that recognize advanced threats are getting past their existing tools and are struggling to address these threats in a comprehensive and effective way.”

About Blue Coat Systems:
Blue Coat empowers enterprises to safely and quickly choose the best applications, services, devices, data sources, and content the world has to offer, so they can create, communicate, collaborate, innovate, execute, compete and win in their markets. For additional information, please visit


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