Rapoo V comes out with new Mouse and Keyboard

Last year, the well-know gaming brand VPRO, which is now called Rapoo V, released 7 gaming peripherals in the Philippines to target the growing gaming population.


There are 2 models, the V16 and the V280.



There are 4 keyboards : V500S ALLOY, V500Pro, V500RGB ALLOY and the V700RGB ALLOY.

Headsets – V200

This year, Rapoo V brings in 2 new models. The V20Pro to augment its mouse line up and the VH510 to add to its headset line.

The V20Pro features an ergonomically designed mouse to perfectly fit your hand. It prevents unnecessary strain on your hand to enable a comfortable grip and pleasant use even during your longest game time.

Confidence is good, but control is better: Your V20 PRO offers you 7 individually customizable buttons to which you can assign a wide range of functions and macros.  It also has onboard memory that lets you save and play without the help of any software. With its adjustable real-time DPI button, You can adjust 7 DPI values from 100-8000 DPI, which is up to 8000DPI. It can meet the accuracy of different screens. Enjoy the LED Multi-color light system with 16 million colors which lets you customize the appearance of your mouse in many ways as well as to suit your preferences. The V20 PRO features an APM-lighting mode that reflects your actions per minute with a spectacular light show.

VH510 is a Virtual 7.1 Channels Gaming Headset that provides you with a cool LED backlight and lets you plug and play anytime you want.


Where to buy Rapoo mouse and keyboard

Giant Computer stores like Silicon Valley, Complink and PC Express leading the way in providing the gamers point of sale centers in Metro Manila and major cities nationwide.


Rapoo Pricelist Philippines 2019


V16 –  680 php

V280 – 1320 php



V500S ALLOY – Php 1,995

V500Pro – Php 2,495

V500RGB ALLOY – Php 3,195

V700RGB ALLOY – Php 3,395

Get the VPro20 for only 1,195 and the VH510 for 1,995 at Silicon Valley, Complink and PC Express stores!

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