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PHILKOTSE : Don’t Know When To Get A New Car? These 8 Signs Will Tell You

For some people, a car is more than just a means of transportation. Some consider their cars as sidekicks or even a friend or a family member. Owners getting attached to their cars isn’t surprising, especially if these have taken part in major events.

But cars have their shelf life as well. If a car is used on a regular basis, its owner will soon have to let it go and replace it with a newer and more practical one. A car is definitely a major financial purchase. So a replacement isn’t a simple thing to do. Here are 8 signs signaling that you need a new car.

Strange sounds and smells

You might be careful about personal hygiene. But that doesn’t mean odd aromas won’t emanate from the interior of your car. Over time, the materials used for the surfaces will degrade eventually. And it is just an aging process. So if you come across strange noises like scrapes or rattles coming from your car, it isn’t something uncommon. And without a tool, it is often difficult to track where the noises are from.

The materials used for the surfaces will degrade eventually.

Outdated tech

The ATRAC player that used to play your favorite hit collection is now outdated. Even a CD changer is a piece of ancient equipment as new cars come with multimedia streaming. Of course, when you have a limited budget, your next car purchase won’t have to be a vehicle with state-of-the-art technology. But USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity are basic things that a car should now have.

New cars come with multimedia streaming.

Constant breakdowns

With various road conditions, wear and tear are understandable. It is acceptable for an occasional necessary fix. But if you have to visit a repair or mechanic shop too often, you might want to think about whether you should keep the car.

With various road conditions, wear and tear are understandable.

Repair cost keeps increasing

Damage means repairs. And of course, repairs require money. If your beloved drive is becoming a money pit, the money that you pay to get it repaired would be better spent on buying a new car.

Damage means repairs.

With a fresher vehicle, you aren’t likely to come across as many issues as with an old car.

Reduced fuel efficiency

The fuel consumption of a car is also affected by age. An old car, compared to a new car that has just been rolled off the showroom, won’t be as fuel-efficient.


Spare parts are hard to find

At some point, you will need to replay some parts of your car. With consumable ones, you may be able to find aftermarket equivalents. The prices of these will only be a fraction of that of the original parts. If you can’t find aftermarket car parts, you will need to pay for genuine, factory-approved ones.

At some point, you will need to replay some parts of your car. 

And the older your vehicle becomes, the more difficult it is to find these parts on the market, especially those that have been discontinued.


Decreased safety

There was a time when a set of seatbelts and a rigid chassis were enough to protect riders from accidents. But that has changed. New cars now have passive and active features to protect not only those inside the car but also pedestrians.


Your life priorities have shifted

As you grow older, your needs change. During your single years, a small car may be enough. But when you start a family, with all the additional passengers as well as the extra stuff, you will surely need more space. And if you are the type of person who enjoys a weekend drive out of town, that will become even more evident.

When you start a family, you will surely need more space.

And when you finally decide to purchase a new car, the easiest thing to do is to visit car selling websites. Normally, on a website selling cars, you can easily find car finder Philippines that can help you look through cars that meet your needs. Another thing that you could do is to read through a car selling and buying site’s car guide. By doing this, you can decide which car suits you the most without having to make several trips to car showrooms. 

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