Panata ng Pamilya ay Panata ng Sanofi

Walang may sakit na iiwanan

Personal health care is the most important of all, more valuable than money and that is why getting fit and having a healthy balanced diet, and less or vices like smoking, drinking, eating excessively on meat, are what gives us a more stable lifestyle that we would regret further in the future. The complications brought by diabetes accompanying other illnesses increase the risk of health issues.


In my family, diabetes runs on both sides of the family, making it the 2nd most dreaded disease not only in my family, but for lots of generations. I guess this has been brought to how we grow up, with the type of food that we have, from the taho with a sugar sweetener, to sweetened drinks like ice scramble with fruity flavors, to our kakanin like pichy pichy, hopia, sago at gulaman and many more.

Panata ng Pamilya ay Panata ng Sanofi


How and where can we get help aside from the government who has less support for the dreaded disease?


Panata ng Pamilya ay Panata ng Sanofi


As a testament to providing beneficial healthcare, active family participation in diabetes care is another way of helping one another in fighting this health crisis. #PanataNgPamilya #PanatangSanofi is here. It educates Filipinos on how to get a balanced and healthy life. By having proper nutrition, and physical activity, we gain a healthier habit and lifestyle to a better you.


SANOFI is your partner in providing healthcare against diabetes. Sanofi’s advocacy is disease awareness with focus on Diabetes, Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Disease. Sanofi is  committed to support these patients through holistic healthcare support and education. 


What are the programs of Sanofi for Diabetes?

  • Empower Patient Support Program – Persons with Type 2 Diabetes may be enrolled upon the recommendation of his or her attending physician. Patients can have blood glucose monitoring remotely and communicate to medical experts remotely via a Telemedicine Essentially, what the Empower Program ensures, especially during this pandemic, is the continuity of care and medical education for persons with diabetes.
  • Webinars like Healthier/PH sessions and partnerships with parenting & health organizations such as The Asian Parent’s FamHealthy & BayanihanMD empowers the patient and their families, giving them the ability for self-monitoring and the improvement of their lifestyle, having physical activity as well as nutrition of the whole family
  • WeHealth, an e-Health Ecosystem Program that aims to connect Filipinos with their doctors or health service providers from the safety of your own home. For doctors and care providers, WeHealth can serve as a program to reach out and connect to patients in need of care or consultation.



Moreover, Sanofi strongly believes that healthcare should be as individual as the person it empowers. Each person is different, with their own strengths, own ways of coping, and with their own type of diabetes. They believe in Your Type. This will surely help improve patient adherence, and bring them towards a better life with diabetes.




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