Miss Earth 2017 National Costume

After the swimsuit presentation to the media in the morning at the Manila Diamond Hotel held last Monday October 20, all hopeful ladies got ready for one of the most anticipated event for the Miss Earth Pageant, the National Costume. Each artistic design and preparation comes way back from their native homeland as to what they have made themselves to be presented to the viewing public. The lovely ladies were presented by region.


Miss Earth Australia 2017 – Nina Robertson



Miss Earth Puerto Rico 2017  – Karla Victoria Aponte



Miss Earth Paraguay 2017 – Valeria Ivasueten



Miss Earth Chile 2017  – Sofia Manzur



Miss Earth Russia 2017 – Lada Akimova


Miss Earth Costa Rica 2017 – Fernanda Rodriguez


Miss Earth Mongolia 2017 – Tugs-Amgalan Batjargal


Miss Earth Philippines 2017 – Karen Ibasco