HUAWEI Cloud leads Asia Pacific expansion

Go Cloud, Go Global expansion for enterprises to expand globally

HUAWEI CLOUD Asia Pacific Internet Industry Summit Online has successfully concluded, where the global tech giant has announced a series of comprehensive strategies that help enterprises in the region to go further on the international stage with its renowned and innovative technologies in 5G, cloud and AI.


Themed “Go Cloud, Go Global,” the Summit has highlighted the upcoming plans of expanding an ecosystem where Huawei brings users, customers, scholars, experts, businesses and community members together to leverage Huawei’s cloud, AI, 5G and Internet solutions for the shared success. These plans include the establishment of a global Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) ecosystem with incentives worth US$100 million for better resource deployment to support more internet companies in the region, to go global.

Huawei Go Cloud
2020 Go Global White Paper for Internet Companies released at the Summit

“Leveraging global network connectivity, services, and ecosystems, HUAWEI CLOUD offers a globally available, trustworthy, open platform that helps Internet companies expand their businesses internationally,” said Mark Chen, Director of the International Business Department at HUAWEI CLOUD. 

Huawei Go Cloud
Establishment of global Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) ecosystem


Currently, 228 out of Global 500 companies, and 58 of 100 world’s top enterprises have selected Huawei as their trusted partner for digital transformation. With the ecosystems, partners and developers can leverage services on HUAWEI CLOUD plus the likes of AI, 5G and big data to support intelligent applications. Many enterprises in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are successfully going global with Huawei’s unfailing support.

HUAWEI CLOUD Asia Pacific Internet Industry Summit


In the event, Huawei has also announced its Brilliant Plan program – a global scheme of ecosystem that begins in the APAC region – that is set to create an alliance between Internet companies and global telecoms by leveraging the firm’s global presence and its 20 years of experience in the region. 


“Huawei aims to build an ecosystem that will make it easier for Internet companies to develop partnerships with local telcos,” Zhang Jing, Director of Carrier Business and Network Consultancy Department at Huawei Asia-Pacific, explained. “This will greatly facilitate their entry to new markets.”

Henry Yu, Data R&D Director of SHAREit


Domestic partners applauded the comprehensive support by Huawei. SHAREit, for instance, is a one-stop content distribution platform gaining increasing popularity worldwide, with a global use base of over 1.8 billion and 0.6 billion MAUs.


“HUAWEI CLOUD supports us with a high-performance infrastructure. Its big data services and AI-powered intelligent recommendation service allow us to deliver a personalized experience to our users,” said Henry Yu, Data R&D Director of SHAREit.


Such access indeed represents tremendous business opportunities, as supported by Huawei Cloud’s 2020 Go Global White Paper for Internet Companies, which has also been released in the Summit. The Paper highlights the prospects and challenges for the Internet-related industry.


In particular, mobile gaming operators, such as NetEase Games, saw unstoppable growth amid the lockdown due to the pandemic. Robust cloud services can therefore lead to favorable growth of the segment.


“In our case, you could say HUAWEI CLOUD has been ‘plowing the road’ for us, in a sense that we often choose to roll out our games in regions where HUAWEI CLOUD data centers are present,” detailed Wang Xi, CEO, Booming Games of NetEase Games.


The Summit has connected experts from more than 10 Asia Pacific countries sharing their insights on the industry landscape and its changes, plus the importance of an ecosystem which allows information and innovation sharing, as well as talent cultivation. Huawei has also introduced an array of solutions to support digital transformation in different scales, and elaborated further on how collaborations can actually help drive the development of the technology sectors.


HUAWEI CLOUD has developed rapidly, providing stable, reliable and sustainable cloud services to enterprises and organizations. According to IDC recent report that HUAWEI CLOUD ranked third in the Asia-Pacific hybrid cloud market and became the major cloud service in the Asia-Pacific market.



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