How many colors of iRing and where to buy

iRing available colors

iRing is a US brand which is a patented technology under AUUX, and is legally distributed in the Philippines by iRing Philippines and can be purchased online via Lazada with a price of P800 and is available in 4 colors :

Gold, Silver, Grey and Black.

The sticker is made from special material that you can use and use and use for so many times. It functions as a safety grip, you can insert your finger into the hole. Just like the image shown below.

iRing secured on hand


You can also use it as a stand.

iRing diagonal stand

And when in the car, you can mount it on the clip.

iRing on your car


How to spot an authentic iRing

The packaging is made simple with a transparent plastic window above showing the iRing and a smaller box lower right that shows the clip. There is a transparent plastic film that you have to remove before placing. Don’t touch the adhesive in order that you don’t degrade the chemicals used.

On the side, it is marked with Auux. Also, you will notice that the adhesive is an expensive one and is hard to peel of at first. Make sure that the surface of the phone or casing you will place it is dry, free from dust, moist and fiber that can cause weakness of the adhesive.

Once you have it in place, you will notice that the iRing is hardly fixed and slowly rotates. You can gently lift diagonally if you wish to transfer it to another device.
iRing for your portable devices


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