Filipino merchants grow their businesses with the AUB PayMate App

Our heritage, our roots, our culture. The Philippines has been strongly influenced by different cultures and with the closest Asean neighbors like the Malay, and the most especially the Chinese. Our nation has embraced the different cultures that has greatly changed the lives of our elders, in daily life, from the way we do business, those charms we put inside our establishment like brushing the money for the first sale of the day,astrology, the way we prepare our food and all those stuff we so love about them.

The Chinese is one race that has greatly built-in a deep andlong-lasting friendship with the Filipino people, having the first and fastest responders to protect life and property, and even giving you the best priced items down in China town. This has made the Chinese people the number one in the list of tourists in the Philippines having 1 Million tourists coming in yearly, encouraging them to visit us frequently, residing here and even to start small businesses and growing them.


What if there would be a way for these Chinese tourists to spend their money here in the Philippines without even carrying any cash and be able to pay Filipino merchants? Totally mobile and cashless transactions. That’s the AUB PayMmate app. The AUB PayMate app is a cashiering tool that enables merchants to accept WeChat payments from Chinese tourists.

On the other hand, a lot of many businesses have sprung to welcome these Chinese tourists promoting our local products. Gone are the old ways of using traveler’s checks or credit cards that need those payment terminals that always depend on local telco provider and existing infrastructure of the building premise.

These micro to small Filipino merchants will also get access to use their AUB PayMate app with the leading mobile app WeChat. Cashless transactions from Chinese tourists will make payment easy using the AUB PayMate App.

Tourists can now travel worry-free and enjoy cashless transactions with the help of the AUB PayMate App. Accreditation for merchants is also fast and easy, just go to the AUB website and sign-up to be a merchant!

AUB WeChat Pay website:

As fast as the internet and the changing times of technology, we need to adopt with the changes and be able to provide solutions of our fast-growing needs, doing transactions with your mobile phone and with your fingertip.


AUB PayMate merchants can now easily accept WeChat Pay from Chinese tourists without any transaction fees! Merchants can choose from any of these payment collection methods: (1) Cashier Scans the Chinese’s customer’s WeChat Pay QR code (2) Chinese Customer scans the Merchant’s Transactional QR code or (3) Chinese Customer scans the printed/fixed QR code displayed inside the establishment. So if you have a micro-business, newly opened startup company, the AUB PayMate App will be your mate to accommodate payments from WeChat Pay that’s hassle free.


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