European appliance maker Beko reiterates commitment to sustainability

Beko commits zero emissions by 2050

When it comes to home and furniture design, we look to Europe for minimalist yet striking aesthetics. The same can be said about European appliances, which are designed in elegant and timeless ways and usually come in neutral colors so they can fit any interiors.


But beyond aesthetics, European appliances are known for being environment-friendly and energy efficient. The European Union has the most comprehensive and useful regulations when it comes to informing consumers how energy-efficient appliances are. Most white goods being sold in the EU have to be tagged with an energy rating from A to G, with A being the best.


Beko Appliances Pilipinas
European appliance maker Beko reiterates commitment to sustainability


Energy efficiency means a lower carbon footprint.


As Europe’s leading appliance brand, Beko is always looking for new technologies that help preserve nature and allow people to live a healthy lifestyle.


For Beko refrigerators, HarvestFresh technology keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 30 days, preserving the vitamins in them for longer. Meanwhile, the Inverter Compressor works in all weather conditions with less energy usage.


European appliance maker Beko reiterates commitment to sustainability


Beko’s highly efficient washers with ProSmart Inverter Motor not only use 30% less energy than EPA standards, but the water level sensor makes sure no water is ever wasted.


The dryers have revolutionary closed-loop heat exchange system that reuse the hot air during drying cycles, conserving energy as well as over 50% in savings compared to conventional dryers.


Last year, Beko ran a survey across several countries in Europe, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and France to find out what its consumers wanted in terms of sustainability.


In the survey, 80 percent of people said they practiced recycling in their daily lives, followed by Italy at 78 percent and then Germany at 66 percent.


After the survey, Beko set environmental targets, such as achieving zero emissions by 2050. The company also announced the launch of a new range of eco-friendly appliances that are made from recycled plastic and even fishing nets.


“At Beko, we recognize the urgency of water pollution and saving the planet’s resources. We will adapt our existing technologies to make all our appliances more environmentally friendly. Our efforts as makers of appliances will help ensure a more sustainable future for the next generations,” said Gürhan Günal, Country Manager of Beko Pilipinas Corporation.


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