Cherry Multi-Function Hair and Hand Dryer, fancy and handy tool for staycation

Admit it—more than catching your flight and hopping from one city to the next, you miss checking in fancy hotel rooms nothing less. Worry not as you do not have to brave the outdoors just yet to turn your everyday into a luxurious vacay experience with the Cherry Multi-Function Hair and Hand Dryer.


There’s no playing down this product’s minimalist design as it can alone effortlessly make your shower room look classier. Whether you’re running late for work or would like to lounge for a few extra minutes after a relaxing bath, this is much something you can turn to as it is efficiently equipped with six modes of hot or cold air, nonetheless ideal for drying and taming your locks. At this rate, drying your hands is also just as important as washing them and with this product’s built-in IR infrared sensor, stocking up on paper towels might no longer be an option. As if that’s not impressive enough, it can emit up to 1 million healthy anions for your extra protection. Just imagine the convenience and elevated lifestyle. 


CHERRY hair and hand dryer
Cherry Multi-Function Hair and Hand Dryer, fancy and handy tool for staycation


This hair and hand dryer also gives a span-new definition to versatility as it can conveniently charge other devices with its built-in USB port. To top off, it has easy installation and highlights ease-of-use, all these features for just P3,990.


Indulge in staycations the New Normal way with the Cherry Multi-Function Hair and Hand Dryer. For more information, visit:

Cherry Shop PH:


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