CARMUDI PH inks partnership with RAPIDE


In its bid to protect clients from buying defective vehicles, Carmudi Philippines—the leading online vehicle platform around the world—has recently forged partnership with Rapide Auto Service Experts, one of the biggest names in auto repair services in the country. Carmudi Philippines Managing Director Abhishek Mohan has inked the partnership with Rapide Auto Service Experts General Manager Byron Lat to offer automotive inspections and certification for vehicles bought and sold on their online platform.

CARMUDI PH inks partnership with RAPIDE

Under the memorandum of agreement signed by both parties, the buyers and sellers will have the option to have their vehicles inspected by Rapide professionals so that Carmudi could issue a certification describing the actual state of the vehicle. This system would reduce—to a great extent—the gap in information between seller and buyer.


Both parties were elated with the newly formed partnership, saying that this would bring the level of professionalism of online vehicle buying and selling into a whole new level.
For his part, Mohan said that getting a formidable partner like Rapide to screen the vehicles of clients would definitely create a new spectrum in providing the much needed information to its buyers.


“We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Rapide to provide certification services for used vehicles listed on our online platform. This is in line with our mission to provide the safest environment online, for buying and selling in the automotive space. We see certification as a crucial step towards bridging the information and trust gap between buyers and sellers that use online automotive classifieds to transact business,” he said.
He expressed his full confidence to their freshly declared partner in their project, saying that “Rapide is unparalleled in its reach and is synonymous with trustworthiness and thus, a perfect fit with the values of trust and transparency that Carmudi stands for.”


“We are confident that this partnership, in the face of scams that exist elsewhere on the Internet, will redefine the online classifieds space and make it far more trustworthy,” Mohan added.
Meanwhile, Lat echoed Mohan’s sentiments, saying that the program would ensure clarity on the status of the vehicles.  “The program would bring honesty and trust to all parties concerned with every transaction in Carmudi, especially with the system that our companies have devised.”


“The vehicle sellers and the buying public will definitely benefit from this partnership between Rapide and Carmudi as it brings out transparency and trust in every transaction that they make,” said Lat.

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