Babae at Baril to compete at 2019 QCinema Intl Film Fest

Rae Red movie Babae at Baril stars Janine Guiterrez


Babae at Baril is a movie about how poverty drives this innocent young girl to work embracing the hardships of life, daily commute from home to work, and how earning a minimum wage allows you to have the lowest comforts of home far away from your family in order to survive and earn a little money to send to your family.

QCinema best movie 2019 "Babae at Baril" and Best Actress Janine Gutierrez
Janine Gutierrez lead actress in Babae at Baril wins best actress in best movie QCinema International Awards 2019 (photo courtesy of Facebook page)

In this case, Janine portrays the role of a sales lady who works in a mall, who strives to make a sale to get additional income, with her manager who always hit on her, and another co-worker showed concern everytime she was scolded. Despite that, this co-worker turned her back against the locker who savaged and violated against her will, raped her in the dark. But that was not all, she was threatened by her co-worker if she reported to the authorities.

The movie started to heat up. When she gets home, after catching her roommate in a romantic scene, heard a gunshot and ran down and saw a young lad running, threw something in the corner, got curious of what that was, a shining silver metal but ignores it the first time and runs back to her room. After a moment, she goes back and anxious to pick-up what that guy had thrown. It’s a gun, a snub-nose 38-revolver to be exact and has a small red heart sticker on it.

Now, she feels empowered with a gun in her bag. She attacked those drunkards and gun-toted them. She starts to become different as that piece of metal gave her some kind of energy boost. The next morning to work, she was scolded again by her manager, sees the co-worker that raped her, and in a burst, she attacked her manager and ran away from work. As she got home, her roommate was being beaten up by the boyfriend, gets in between them and pulled out the gun.

She is totally different now. From the shy sales lady, to a brave and fearless strong woman. She went back to her workplace, waits for her assailant and tails her on the way home. In a dark alley, she confronts him by pointing the gun, but he ran away. In a blur, he was far away. She turned in a different direction, catching him again.

The movie goes back to the history of the gun. From its blacksmith made by hand, and how it was used for crime by different people, waiting for a generation until it unleashed more crime.

The movie circulated both in the girl (babae) and the gun (baril). The movie has an english caption for international viewers.

Here are my insights of the movie :

Cinematography : 9./ 10

Location shot : 9 / 10

Musical score : 9 / 10

Script : 6 / 10don’

Lead role : 9 / 10

other actors  : 6 / 10

overall rating : 8/10

First of all, the location shoot were mostly in Quezon City showcasing the busy street of EDSA and mostly were nightshots. The musical score was fantastic as it featured and upbeat jazz genre. In some scenes, they don’t really match but the musical score was 20% louder than most background music in movies.

The ending was unique in a sense that was unpredictable. For a usual moviegoer, you wouldn’t anticipate the ending.

CIGNAL ENTERTAINMENT, in partnership with EPICMEDIA, present BABAE AT BARIL, an official entry to the QCinema International Film Festival.

The film stars Janine Gutierrez, Felix Roco, Elijah Canlas, JC Santos, and Sky Teotico with special participation of Ruby Ruiz, Allan Paule, and Archie Adamos and will be shown in selected cinemas from October 15 to 22, 2019.

Head on to selected cinemas to watch this movie.

Babae at Baril is director Rae Red’s sophomore feature and first solo directorial effort. The movie tackles how it is like to be a woman in a world of violence and masculinity.

Babae at Baril is one of the three recipients of production grants amounting to P1.5 million each from QCinema. The movie will be competing along with Glenn Barit’s The Cleaners and Arnel Barbarona’s Kaaway sa Sulod, and against entries from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, and China.

QCinema 2019 runs from October 13 to 22 and will be screening films at Gateway Mall, Ayala Trinoma, Robinsons Galleria, UPFI Cine Adarna, Cinema ’76 Anonas, and Cinema Centenario in Quezon City.


QCinema International Movie Awards best movie goes to “Babae at Baril” and Best Actress goes to Janine Gutierrez.


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