Remote areas in the Philippines now have satellite broadband by Cignal Connect Prepaid

Cignal Connect Prepaid brings more flexible satellite broadband to remote areas in the Philippines

The first-ever unlimited Postpaid Satellite Broadband service provider in the Philippines, Cignal Connect, now offers another game changer with its newest prepaid packages. With Cignal Connect Prepaid, users can enjoy convenient and efficient internet access, wherever they are. 


Cignal Connect Prepaid subscribers can choose from flexible data packs ranging from 10 GB up to 70 GB and enjoy internet connectivity on their own preferred terms. This prepaid option gives users the freedom to spend only for the data they need, easily top up their account through a self-service portal, and enjoy worry-free broadband without any lock-in period or monthly service fee. Unlike other data-capped satellite broadband services in the country, Cignal Connect Prepaid offers selected packs that do not reset monthly (the higher the data pack, the longer its validity period will be). But for those who prefer unlimited access per month, Cignal Connect Postpaid plans are still available.


Cignal Connect Prepaid brings more flexible satellite broadband to remote areas in the Philippines


“In line with our commitment to make internet available to every Filipino home wherever they are in the country, we are providing a better and more accessible option for our subscribers. With our new Cignal Connect Prepaid product, internet connection, no matter how far, is made more flexible and available to everyone,” said Cignal President and CEO Robert P. Galang.


Cignal Connect Prepaid is best for subscribers with flexible lifestyles who are looking for reliable on-demand Internet access – i.e., rest houses, farms, resorts, or users that need a backup Internet service. With Cignal Connect Prepaid, subscribers can top-up their preferred data pack whenever they need it.


Interested subscribers may visit their nearest Cignal dealer or call Cignal Sales at (02) 8888-5555 or e-mail For more information, visit


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