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All Range Trucks Shacman X3000 at the Transport and Logistics Philippines expo


A company that intends to make its mark in the Philippine transport industry as a one-stop-shop dealership for brand new, customizable, high quality, and competitively priced vehicles for commercial use, ART seized the limelight during the expo to unveil a revolutionary, brand-new truck that is tailor made all Range Trucks Shacman X3000 at the Transport and Logistics Philippines expo.

All Range Trucks Shacman X3000


Looking for the right truck to introduce into the Philippine market was not a task taken for granted by ART. After a stringent selection process, ART chose to introduce the SHACMAN X3000 which is touted to be the most suitable for the Philippine landscape and most ideal for the requirements of companies in the country. Aside from being affordable and competitively priced, the quality and performance of SHACMAN trucks have been tested and proven in more than 90 countries around the world.



ART’s Branch Head Roque Guzman says: “We are delighted to bring here SHACMAN’s flagship model, the X3000, which is a continuation of 51 years of technological innovation. We believe that the Transport and Logistics Show is the perfect platform to unveil the SHACMAN X3000- because it is built to answer the economy’s high demand for a reliable logistics transportation”. Designed and engineered to meticulous European standards, the SHACMAN X3000 has outstanding power and fuel economy, a spacious and comfortable interior and provides excellent safety. The SHACMAN X3000 also boasts of many new innovations to increase performance, efficiency, durability, reliability and comfort.



Another advantage of the SHACMAN X300 is that it comes with ART’s brand guarantee of quality service. As an affiliate company of SOBIDA Motors, one of the leading innovators and fastest growing companies in the local automotive industry, customers can employ ART’s expertise in sourcing and importing high quality trucks that best suits their requirements. Partners of ART can also benefit from the different services ART offers which include: Safety Inspection; Service & Repairs; Spare Parts; Preventive and Predictive Maintenance and Body Customization.



With its major support and participation of the Transport and Logistics Summit 2019, ART- with its SHACMAN X3000 wants to proclaim to Filipinos that they know how brisk and competitive the logistical needs of the market are and that they are here to tough it out to give the trucking business the edge it deserves.

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